Students, Let’s Kick-Start Your Personal Branding – Compact Guide [Infographic]

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Having a strong personal brand is an excellent asset to every student. With so many graduates entering the workforce, how you present yourself to prospective employers makes a difference.

The best time to kick-start your personal brand is actually the time when you’re still a student (before you even notice you need it).

To help you, I have created a compact version of my earlier post The Student Guide To KickStart Your Personal Branding (And Why You Need It) into an infographic with the important takeaways.

Successful Interviews & Salary Negotiation

Date:August 29, 2015
Time:09:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Event:Successful Interviews & Salary Negotiation
Venue: Singapore Institute of Management

Headhunter’s Secrets that All Jobseekers Should Know

Date:July 4, 2015
Time:09:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Event:Headhunter’s Secrets that All Jobseekers Should Know
Venue: Singapore Institute of Management

Don’t wait for your job extinction

The job market of the future is extremely gloomy.

We have websites that design itself (good bye web designers), we can soon detect cancer and other health issues with just a few drops of blood (adios health lab technicians) and in the near future, computers that would think just like a human being (farewell brains?)

This is progress but progress that might inevitably affect your ability to continue to draw that stable paycheck. And that is what had happened not so long ago in Singapore.

What I learned from TVB artistes at StarHub/TVB Awards 2014


I was at StarHub TVB awards yesterday over at Marina Bay Sands. It’s my first time attending a media award ceremony and the feelings of seeing some of my favorite TVB artistes in real life is pretty surreal.

It reminded me of myself 14 years ago. I was really enthusiastic about getting into the entertainment scene. The pay is good, you get to switch career in every drama and you get to live a high life.

I am delighted to be invited by SMBA to share my experience and expertise in a recruitment industry. I will be providing behind-the-scene insights and the secret to success for budding HR entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

In addition, I will also be providing tips for the students on the things that employers look out for during interviews to maximize one’s chances of getting employed.

Date:October 16, 2014
Time:02:00-04:00 p.m.
Event:SIM Young Entrepreneur Network Tips on Recruitment Industry
Sponsor: Small Medium Business Association
Venue: Singapore Institute of Management
More Info:Click here for more information.

15Five – employee engagement made easy

15Five is a simple and powerful way to gather weekly insight into your employees’ success, challenges, ideas, and morale.

Employees spend about 15 minutes each week answering a few simple questions that take managers 5 minutes to read, review, and provide feedback.

I came across 15Five via an article by their CEO David Hassell. Soon after I took up a a free 4-week trial and never looked back. 15Five basically is a cloud based solution that allows employees and their managers to communicate in a structured manner.

Several Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Help You Land a Job Easier

While the world’s market seems to be on the mend, finding a job is still somewhat complicated, especially if time is a factor and you don’t really know in which direction you should be going to. But there are ways around this – and the first method you should consider is working with a recruitment agency. They offer their services to people struggling to find a job by matching them up with businesses which seek their skillsets and aptitudes.

How Can A Recruitment Agency Help?

2014 – Singapore recruitment landscape will never be the same again

This year mark an important year to every employer in Singapore. It is a period whereby employer seriously need to wake up and realize the recruitment game is never the same. What worked 2 to 5 years ago will not work again. And unless you only hire bots, you have to attract human beings to work for you.

1. Not just the fair consideration framework – that’s one but many also forgotten that there had been recent changes to the employment act as well as amendments to foreign quotas and levies.

10 lessons managers should learn from their mothers

With Mother’s Day just past, I wonder how many of us remember the lessons our mothers taught us about life management.

Here are 10 lessons which all managers should learn from their mothers:

1. Love what you do

Passion for what you do sustains you a long way, through challenges big and small, and keeps you persevering towards that 5, 10, 20 year objective you are working so hard towards.

2. Know what’s important

It’s easy to get distracted by little issues that pop up along the way: messes to clear up, paper work submit.