Top Accelerator for HR Tech ventures opens application for 2nd Global Cohort

Following the success of the inaugural cohort, the Workplace Accelerator is now accepting applications on a global scale for its second programme starting in Q4.

The Workplace Accelerator was launched with the belief that HR Tech could be a force for good across the region and play a significant impact in reducing societal problems around diversity and inclusion, mental wellness and workplace productivity. 

Having accepted just the top 6% of applicants for its first applicants, that belief seems to be shared as 6 of 8 ventures, including the programme sponsor Veremark, that went through the programme have gone on to receive term sheets or investments worth over $5m since February 2021.

The virtual 12-week programme, previously just focused on APAC businesses however has now extended its programme to companies operating around the world.

To support this, the programme has now built out a global industry mentor network of over 250+ Snr HR and People leaders, seen here, from many of the world鈥檚 top firms and Worktech ventures to provide guidance to the participants.

The programme also offers significant operational support and provides the participants with the ability to choose its own advisory board from a selection of Operating partners who work hand in hand with the businesses throughout the programme and beyond

In addition, the start-ups can also receive a cash investment in their businesses to help them grow and push them towards their Series A investment round from the programme鈥檚 curated investment network.

Plus they will get extra support from the programme鈥檚 network of support & strategic partners like law firm Memery Crystal, or or event organiser HR Transform and research house TechTalentLabs, or to name just a few.

The focus remains the same and companies interested in applying should be at the Seed stage and have products that are focused on any of the 5 key categories that include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Productivity and Collaboration, HR & Admin and Workforce Management.聽聽

HR Tech is a $400bn per year vertical and has the power to be a force for good.聽 We have shown that the operational impact of the growth programme can affect the course of the businesses that participate and thereby help the wider working world.聽 The Workplace accelerator actively looks to select those with a clear societal impact and have the potential to help the ventures shape how the world works.

The Workplace Accelerator鈥檚 Partner, Jean Pierre Sedaghat

Given the level of governmental support and funds made available for digitisation of the workplace as well as upskilling and reskilling workers across the region, and the increasingly global and virtual nature of hiring and employment the Workplace Accelerator is not alone in seeing the need for change.

Worktech investment since the pandemic has seen record levels of investment with new unicorns being announced on an almost monthly basis.

For start-ups looking to play a part in that, then the Workplace Accelerator provides a strong launchpad to achieve those goals.聽

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