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Top 4 Premium PDF Management Tools

Work is constantly evolving and in today’s fast paced environment, it can sometimes be hard to deal with everyday tasks and deadlines.

With the technology being omnipresent, new products, such as tools or apps are being developed daily and some of them can help you boost your efficiency and better organize your line of business.

This trend of constant digital improvement has overtaken the world by storm.

The choices are endless and so it has become almost impossible to find the right tool to help you finish your job faster.

This can be seen specifically in document management, where the usage of third party tools has increased with the rising popularity of various file formats.

The usage of paper has dropped down and almost everything is being digitized and stored on either computers or cloud networks.

Reports, invoices, project plans or other documents are also being converted for easier viewing, storing and sharing.

One common thing for these files is that they usually come in PDF format, a universal file type for viewing and sharing across platforms and devices.

To this day, the PDF format is the most popular and used file type when working with professional business documents.

It is no surprise that oftentimes, we find ourselves in a situation where we need to edit a section of the PDF file and due to its nature, we suddenly realize that it’s not such an easy task.

If you, for example, want to take only tables from a PDF content and place them into your own project report, you will encounter several problems.

And fortunately enough, all of those are easily solvable.

That is why certain companies have created simple tools that address this particular issue and help you easily create project plans, reports and other business documents.

I’ve scoured the internet and found top 4 premium, all-in-one, PDF converters that could be helpful in both PDF conversion and PDF editing.


Able2Extract Professional 11

Able2Extract Professional 11

Able2Extract Professional 11, designed by Investintech, is a premium tool that can help you execute almost all types of PDF conversions and edits in just a couple of clicks.

The tool is fast, reliable and most importantly – it’s comprehensive, meaning it is the only PDF tool you will ever need.

You can easily and accurately convert any PDF content, big or small, into an editable file format for later modification.

You can convert PDFs into MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher), AutoCAD, HTML and Images (BMP, JPG, GIF) and more.

Besides conversion, the tool has top-notch WYSIWYG editing panel where you can add text, vector shapes and images.

In addition to text editing, you can rotate, resize, extract pages and even merge a couple of PDFs into one larger document.

All modifications are visible directly in the software.

With the recently released version 11, users can also insert various annotations and make their PDF content more appealing.

Adding sticky notes, comments and stamps will definitely give your PDF that modern business functionality.

Developers of Able2Extract know how security is important to modern day users, so you will now be able to wipe sensitive page content out of the PDF document with the new redaction feature.

The tool provides a free trial, so you can download it and see how Able2Extract performs in action.


PDF Converter Elite 4

PDF Converter Elite 4

The latest software from is their amazing PDF Converter Elite 4 — a tool to help you create, edit and manipulate PDF documents.

With a slick and friendly user interface, anyone can master using it, in no time.

The “Quickstart” tips will guide you in the proper direction from the start, making it easier to understand the tool’s various features.

PDF Converter Elite has some great features including PDF to MS Office (Word, Excel), PDF to AutoCad as well as custom Excel conversions.

The tool also has embedded OCR technology that can convert images and scanned PDFs in just a couple of clicks.

The main toolbar is clever and modern, enabling and highlighting only the buttons based on what you are doing at the time thus avoiding any confusion.

The tool doesn’t have unnecessary options and the user interface is a breath of fresh air showing only features you need.

The program can create PDF from any printable format or you can print various formats to PDF without having to start the program at all.

For lawyers, agents, teachers who spend all day working with PDF paperwork, this feature makes this whole thing worthwhile.

You can purchase the full version for $99.95 or you can test their 7 day free trial. If you need to urgently convert a PDF file to Word, Excel or Powerpoint  feel free to use their free online PDF converters.


Soda PDF Anywhere

Soda PDF Anywhere

Soda PDF can be described as a full featured online PDF solution.

After you sign up, you can access all of its features on your desktop (via downloadable software) or in other browser supported devices (via their web app).

With that in mind, Soda offers a complete PDF conversion service that you can take with you wherever you go, making it the right tool for any business professional.

With its two-sided PDF service, Soda PDF can help you with almost any PDF management task.

You can create professional looking PDFs from more than 300 file formats and convert to more than 8 file types such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.

With the recently added Optical Character Recognition, you can convert scanned documents and images into editable files.

SodaPDF also makes document editing a walk in the park, as it allows you to add or remove text, change the font and size, and even split & merge documents.

This service also has a variety of annotations available, including comments, watermarks, sticker notes and vector shapes.

As for the cloud connectivity — you can connect Soda PDF to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote and use most of its features directly through the web browser.


PDF Converter Ultimate – All In One Converter

Convert your documents to PDF, and PDF documents to Word, Excel, JPG, and much more, right on your iPhone or iPad.

Conversions are accurate and very fast, layout is preserved, and best-on-market OCR engines will take care of your scanned files.

Easy to use app, and amazing conversion quality makes this app the ultimate converter for your phone.

You can convert files from your phone, or files from your favorite cloud services directly within their app.

Files are being converted by their powerful servers, and after conversion is done, result is downloaded to your device and files are being deleted from their servers.

This also means the app won’t burden your processor or RAM, nor it will drain your battery.


To conclude this quick overview of PDF software, we have to take a step back and realize that the need for automating certain tasks is still growing.

By adding some of these tools to your work, you will instantly increase productivity at the office and boost your business skills.

In addition, these tools will save your precious time and nerves when dealing with all sorts of PDF issues, which can be overwhelming at times.

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