The State of HR Transformation Study 2019-20

In this ever-changing world of work, which is constantly being disrupted by technology, join Asia-Pacific’s largest study on HR transformation and measure your HR’s adaptability and agility quotient to keep up with the changes.

People Matters’ research and benchmarking arm in association with Alight is conducting a study on The State of HR Transformation Study 2019-20. The study will offer insightful findings around:

  • How HR can adapt to changing business expectations?
  • How to deliver business and talent outcomes in an era dominated by employee experience?
  • How to effectively adopt technology and data science to drive your digital strategy?

The future of work is not something that happens to you, it is something you create for your company.

Unfortunately, the leaders are still uncertain about how to do it.


Adaptability is the key!

In these volatile times, can a company maintain an unchanging talent strategy?

It may be a cliché—that change is a constant—but companies that want to win in the market must expect change and be able to adapt.

This is the minimum criteria for any player wanting to do well in the global marketplace.

The new talent landscape, whether we call it liquid or adaptive, means HR organizations need to find new ways of mobilizing human effort, something that has already had profound implications across many industries.

After leading the most impactful study last year on HR transformation, this year again, the research and benchmarking arm of People Matters in association with Alight is conducting a comprehensive study on how the HR function is gearing up for changing business expectations and getting ready to deliver outcomes in an era that is dominated by employee experience, rapid business model changes, effective adoption of digital and maturing data science.

Last year’s study explored the quest for Low Effort and High Impact HR—an agile approach to transform that is geared towards reducing the transactional burden on the HR function and creating value through a focus on outcomes that matter most to businesses and talent.


The State of HR Transformation Study 2018 offered the following six key trends:

  1. HR services and technology are critical for future-readiness in program design, execution and governance.
  2. HR’s role continues to gain importance as a key facilitator of change. However, capability gaps and lack of collaboration are holding HR back.
  3. HR Service Delivery is on its path to maturity in APAC.
  4. Automation and AI are expected to see strong adoption in the coming 18 – 24 months.
  5. Technology satisfaction takes a dip. There is a need for HR to step up its evaluation and adoption game.
  6. Analytics is a key thread to enable governance and guide the agile journey.

This year, the study aims to delve deep on how the HR function is gearing up for changing business expectations and getting ready to deliver outcomes in an era that is dominated by employee experience, rapid business model changes, and effective adoption of digital and maturing data science.

Shaswat Kumar, Asia Leader – Advisory & Cloud Solutions, Alight Solutions shares, “The HR function is in the spotlight as organizations get ready to respond to disruptions.

Hopefully, The HR Transformation Study 2019-2020 will have insights to facilitate the changes in HR, leading to an HR function driving organizational change and success.”

Vikrant Khanna, Asia Leader – HR Transformation and Change, Alight Solutions shares, “Traditional views of transformation are no longer valid. The HR Transformation Study 2019 to 2020 gets into the nuts and bolts of how the HR function is getting ready to pave the way on helping businesses, talent and leaders to be more adaptable.”

Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor in-Chief shares, “We are very excited to partner with Alight Solutions to create Asia-Pacific’s Largest HR Transformation study 2019 to 2020.

This time the study is going to be Bigger, Better & Bolder! Together we (People Matters and Alight) aim to deep dive into the radical changes in the people function, significant opportunities, new skills, and pathways for business impact & innovation.”

The study HR Transformation 2019 to 2020 is live. Participating in this study will help you to take a good look at your current HR strategy and craft a holistic approach towards adaptive HR.


What’s in it for you?

Here are a few more takeaways for study participants:

  • Alight will share the exclusive benchmarking report with you, only available for participants. The comprehensive report will help you assess yourself and see how you fare with your peers in this transformation journey
  • You also get exclusive access to a microsite with readiness assessment tool kits, articles and an online community of peers to discuss, share insights and find out if HR leaders have been able to find answers in 2019
  • Get a chance to win two passes (yes, 2 passes all paid) to attend People Matters TechHR Conference in Singapore from 19th to 21st of February 2020, all expenses paid (travel, stay and VIP delegate passes) to enhance this journey of transformation even further

Embracing an adaptive workforce means taking things a step further.


About People Matters

People Matters is a community of CHROs, Business and Government leaders committed to the advancement of talent & work practices for superior & sustainable business impact. Thriving on innovation, People Matters has continued to be a pioneer of insightful, impactful, and the most sought-after content for talent leaders in Asia. People Matters engages with over 300,000 talent leaders in the region to challenge, transform and enrich the way HR technology & talent management practices contribute to business growth and success. People Matters is the proud owner of state-of-the-art virtual conferences, innovative physical events, and other digital properties. The company’s TechHR Conference is the largest HR Technology conference in Asia. For more information, please visit

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