The Future of the Workplace

As technology advances so, too, does the workplace.

From manually tracking tabs and finances in binders to phones and the rise of international business, to the earliest signs of remote jobs in the seventies the office continues to become more connected and communicative than ever.

What does that mean for the workplace of the future?

For one thing, we can meet all of our collaboration and communication needs from home — a feat that’s been highlighted this year as a budget-saving and healthy solution to the world’s needs.

It also means soft skills are more important than ever.

Strong communication and organizational skills are required to meet deadlines and work within a team, especially as we move out of the traditional office space, and as hours vary and you lose the ability to swing by someone’s desk for a quick question.

It’s not just the way we work that’s changing, either.

Employees are looking for stronger benefits that promote their health and a proper work-life balance.

These include everything from extra PTO and improved healthcare, to a 4-day workweek and career development opportunities.

Check out more ways that the traditional office is changing and what skills you’ll need to level up to compete with this infographic from Mint.

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