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The Art of Hiring: Using Recruitment Agencies for Better Staffing

If you are seeking to fill a staff position in your company and wish to receive applications from top talent, there are higher chances of getting what you are looking for if you go through a recruitment company. Recruitment agencies not only help you find the best resource, they also expedite the process and save the company’s time and money. As an organization, you can tie up with a recruitment agency to find all types of candidates – ones from the same industry, with varied levels of work experience, different salary expectations, hailing from the same geographic location, etc. Hiring a recruitment agency, rather than directly hiring an employee, is a better way of finding a suitable fit for your organization. Let us understand the different recruitment methods adopted by companies and why the option of recruitment agencies is most fruitful.

How A Company Can Use Both Passive and Active Recruitment Strategies

When the Human Resource department of an organization plans to hire candidates, it either adopts a passive or an active approach towards recruitment, or a maybe even combination of both. When it comes to passive recruitment, employers simply post jobs on the official company website and expect applicants to look for vacancy and apply accordingly. This kind of an approach may be effective if the brand is a household name and does not need to adopt other methods because of the sheer volume of applications it receives.

The other method is to actively promote the openings. This could be done through the media regularly used by job seekers. Such an endeavor will help you connect with and engage prospective employees. This would help you reach out to a niche audience and also target those professionals who may not be actively seeking a change of job but might be interested if your showed them a job posting.

And even though organizations are using a variety of methods to find and attract applicants (social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, online job boards, job search engines and mobile apps) getting a recruitment agency on-board is probably your best choice. Here’s why…

Advantages of Using the Services of Recruitment Agencies

  • Ease of scouting candidates – Recruitment agencies tend to make the process of hiring much easier. You don’t need to scavenge and filter the entire pool of applicants. The agencies do that for you by conducting skill test procedures and intense interviews. Once they do that, they only send you the cream of the crop. You don’t have to take the headache of sifting through hundreds of CVs and facing the risk of ending up with an interviewee who only looked capable on paper. A skilled agency makes sure you only get what you want.
  • It saves money – Rather than paying ridiculously high prices for the circulation of advertisements in newspapers, magazines and TV, recruitment agencies invest more dough in human resources to filter out various resumes and applications they receive. All you need to do is merely pay for the services you are provided by the recruitment agency you have hired and they will bring forth qualified and skilled candidates. If you compare the prices of the published ads and HR against the fee of the recruitment agency, you will realize you end up saving a lot of money.
  • It saves time – Hiring an agency to carry out the procedure reduces the amount of effort you have to put in for bringing in the right employees. The ads you post in the media and the openings you share on the job portals will load you with options but a recruitment agency will ensure that the candidates it sends to you for the next round of personal interview won’t waste your time as they would be appropriate and in accordance with the job description you have shared. Applications that come in after posting ads will compel you to read every single CV you receive, but applications forwarded by the agency would only require you to choose the best candidates from a group of good ones, allowing you to save precious time.

Recruitment agencies are fast making a mark in the job industry by providing only the best resources to companies. In fact, companies can hire agencies online to fetch efficient and effective personnel.

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