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With cold calls going the way of the dinosaurs, email is increasingly becoming a more effective way to reach out to prospects.

Just look at the first thing most of us would do when we wake up. We check our emails.

And we keep doing that every other 10 minutes.

Emails is an easy way to get in touch with the most appropriate gatekeeper since you can bypass them.

But it begins with finding that correct email address, something that Find That Email is hoping to achieve.


1. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?

Find That Email is an email finder plus prospecting tool. Get access to the email addresses of millions of professionals.


2. How does it work?

There are many features that one could use like email search, bulk search and verify, domain search and the Chrome Extension.

Today we’ll just cover Email Search and Domain Search

Email Search

The first is the email search. Say, if you are looking to hire a candidate and you find somebody suitable on Linkedin. You can enter their

First Name

Second Name

Company Domain

And you’ll immediately get their email address


Domain Search

If you are looking for people working in other companies.

Just use the Chrome Extension to find out.

The domain search helps you find the people, their job titles and the email addresses of all the people who work for a particular company. It’s that simple!

Chrome Extension

Prospecting on Linkedin is easy.

Say if you are looking for ‘Product Managers’ and when you perform a search and open the Find That Email chrome extension, you get an auto populated list of people.


3. What are the key benefits that your product bring to companies and/or candidates?

If you are a HR professional or a sales professional, you can cut down your prospecting time considerably by using domain search.

Access to millions of people’s accurate information within seconds is a powerful tool to have.


4. Any existing local case study? What were they using before this, and why did they switch?

A lot of Sales and HR professionals were manually searching for


5. Who are your closest competitors? In what ways is your product better than them?

Our closest competitor is Hunter.

Our product is different because the way we find the information is different from how they find it.

They guess the email address of the person based on the patterns of the email address.

In our case, we use 20 different data sets to accurately verify the right email address.

There isn’t any guesswork involved with our searches.

This is also verified by Nick from Ahrefs.

He did a comparison of our tools and we’re proud to say we were the most accurate. More information here


6. How much does it cost?

There’s a free plan with 50 credits. 1 credit = 1 email search.

The paid plan starts at $29.


7. Where can people find out more about this?

You can visit our homepage for the features or our knowledgebase for specific questions. Anything over and above that mail us at [email protected]

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