Tell Me More About 100offer

100offer is an opportunity marketplace for talented people to discover the job of their dreams.

Closely guided by their professional Talent Consultants, users can gain access to job opportunities from leading technology companies with just one application.

1. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?

100offer is an opportunity marketplace for talented people to discover the job of their dreams at leading technology companies.

2. How does it work?

We’re turning recruitment on its head.

All users need to do is fill out one application, and their profiles will be shown to our client companies every Monday morning.

From there, companies will “apply” to users by sending them interview invitations, which they can choose to accept or reject as they please.

3. What is unique about your product?

What is unique about 100offer is that we combine both technology and service to ensure our candidates can make the most informed choice possible.

From sending in an application through to the offer stage – even after they are onboarded into their new company – we have features that ensure a smooth, end-to-end recruitment process for both candidates and clients.

For example, our Talent Consultants will touch base and follow through with candidates as soon as they successfully join our marketplace, providing them with useful feedback and market insights to ensure they are well-informed going into interviews and considering offers.

We also produce content – such as salary reports and company hiring processes – to provide value to the developer community even when they aren’t actively looking for jobs.

On the other end, our dashboard for clients includes an in-built messaging and calling service (100% free to use) that they can use to contact and follow-up with candidates quickly and easily.

4. Who are your closest competitors?

Traditional headhunters are probably our closest competitors, as they target the same group of people that we’re trying to help: mid- to senior-level software engineers, data scientists, and other technical roles.

However, we believe that we have a distinct advantage in that we always put our candidates’ interests first – they are the heart and soul of our marketplace.

Headhunters tend to be more sales-oriented, by virtue of their revenue model.

Because of this, we always have a good supply of talented engineers for companies to reach out to and convince to join them.

5. Who are your target customers?

We focus on both ends of the marketplace – candidates and clients alike.

On the customer’s side, we aim to help leading tech companies – think Grab, Garena, and Carousell – find and hire talented engineers who are typically in high demand, and yet in short supply.

For candidates, our goal is to help mid- to senior-level software engineers, data scientists, and other technical talents who might not be fully satisfied at their current jobs and are looking out for potentially better opportunities at the aforementioned leading tech companies.

6. Any specific customer that achieved immense benefit from your product?

On the client side, top tech companies like Grab, Garena, and Alibaba have successfully hired many talented engineers using our marketplace.

By and large, they find it a lot easier to do so as compared to the traditional solutions.

For example, Alibaba usually hires hundreds of engineers per month.

However, according to Alibaba’s Head of Recruitment Channels Yuan Qing, headhunters aren’t willing to recruit for mid-level positions that don’t pay well for them.

This isn’t a problem on 100offer, and in fact, she once managed to recruit eight software engineers on 100offer within a month, something she says she wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

And that’s really where we excel in – helping our clients to find mid-level software engineering talent.

More testimonials from our clients can be found here.

On the other end, we’ve also helped several job seekers land the job of their dreams here in Singapore.

One engineer we worked with was from the traditional IT consulting industry.

However, he had a passion for the internet industry and applied to 100offer in the hope of finding a good job in this space.

He received 5 interview invitations within a week, and at the end of the day managed to land a software engineer position in a top tech company locally, with a 30% increase in salary to boot.

7. How much does it cost?

We charge our client companies a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary.

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