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Upgrade Your Recruitment Process With TalentDash

One paradox of the 21st century is that even though we are living in a digital age where automation spurs efficiency, the infinite choices that we have hinders this new-found efficiency.

This is especially a problem in the recruitment scene.

The digital age may have made it easier for companies to put up job ads, but simply putting up job ads may not guarantee a quality hire. How does this happen?

Imagine this scenario: you spent $150 to put up a job ad on a job board for one month.

You wait out that one month for applications to pour in. Once the month is over, you take down the ad and proceed to sort through the applications.

Let us say that you received a total of 200 applications in the month, and out of this number, only 50% of the applicants meet your requirements for the job.

Now that you have narrowed down your list, you start the tedious and laborious process of interviews and screening tests because you want to make sure that you hire the best.

In the time you take to conduct the interviews, some applicants drop out because of the long waiting time, so you are left with an even smaller pool of potential hire.

It goes on, and before you know it, you are down to a handful of applicants who are not really what you are looking for.

To sum it all up, you have just spent 3-4 months on a hiring process that is not giving you the result that you want.

According to Bersin’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Factbook, it takes 52 days and $4,000 on average, to fill a position.

Surely there can be a more cost-effective method for recruitment?


A Bird’s Eye View Of The Talent Pool

TalentDash is a newly launched, talent-mapping platform with the objective of helping companies build their talent pipeline, and ultimately, find their ideal candidate.

Its modus operandi involves aggregating data from its expansive database into visual heat maps that is easily digestible for the layman.

How does TalentDash solve your talent acquisition needs?

With job boards, the profiles that you received are candidates who are actively looking for a job.

That means you are missing out on the huge potential of passive candidates.

The results derived by the platform includes passive candidates, thereby giving you a refined, quality pool of candidates to choose from.

Another benefit of the talent-mapping platform is that it promises results in just five days, thus helping you bypass the time-consuming method of using job boards and then having to manually sort through the applications.

That is a huge leap forward in your recruitment process.

Without further ado, let us take a quick look at their three visual heat maps.


1. The Company heat map: Get an overview of the industry


If you’ve ever wondered where your ideal candidates are working at, this Company Map is for you.

The table gives an overview of the top 20 companies that have the highest number of matching candidates, and the shades of the boxes indicate the quality of matches—bullseye, great, or recommended.


2. The Location heat map: See where your ideal candidates are located


The Location Map provides a bird’s eye view of the spread of talent around the world (or region, depending on your search parameters).

Having a shortage of Engineers in your country?

With this map, you can have a good sense of where to find your “supply” of talent.


3. The Job-title Heatmap: Find out alternative job titles


Just as a single shade of colour may have different names, your ideal candidate may be holding a job title that is different from your search.

Having a different job title does not necessarily mean that the candidate is not a match—a Customer Service Manager with 5 years of experience (and whatever other requirements that you searched for) may be simply called a Client Care Manager in another company.

Those are just three highlights of the many features that TalentDash have on their platform.

Even if you are not intending to make a hire, you can use TalentDash to build your talent pipeline—an on-going process that should be aligned with the long term goal(s) of your company.

Head on to their blog to discover their other features!

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