70: Sudhanshu Ahuja on AI-powered chatbots, recruiting virtually and structured interviews

Sudhanshu Ahuja is the CEO and Co-Founder of impress.ai, an ‘accurate hiring’ platform that autonomously interviews candidates for any job and produces a fit-score. He spearheads all sales functions and fundraising initiatives, drives the business strategy and company vision, and leads the scaling of the company’s enterprise customer base.

Observing that large enterprises struggled with best practices in recruiting when evaluating job candidates at scale, Sudh co-founded Ideatory, a platform to discover and recruit technology talent, with Dr Amrith Dhananjayan and Dr Vaisagh Viswanathan. 

Sudh’s experience in working with large enterprises and government organisations enabled him to identify their recruitment pain points and tailor the solution to optimise the process. In 2017, Ideatory evolved into impress.ai and now assists recruiters in large enterprises such as DBS, Singtel, ADB and government organisations in autonomously evaluating candidates for any role anywhere in the world. 

Before co-founding impress.ai, Sudh was an Associate at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, where his team was responsible for the regulation of equity markets and the clearing houses that were operating in Singapore. 

Sudh holds a Certificate of Readiness in Business Administration and Management from the Harvard Business School Online in the US, as well as a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

What I discussed with Sudh:

  • How AI-Powered chatbots work
  • Structured interview questions
  • How recruiting evolved during hybrid or virtual work
  • And many more…

You can try out their chatbot here.

Please enjoy!

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