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A mobile responsive career portal is more of a necessity than you would like to think.

In a recent study done on SouthEast Asia companies, it is found that less than 10% of the companies surveyed have a mobile responsive careers site.

In the grander scheme of things, this may not seem like a particularly interesting (much less alarming) piece of information.

But in the face of a fast-growing population of job seekers that use their mobile devices for their job search, your mobile unresponsive career portal can act against you as a pretty formidable killer of your talent pipeline!


Passing the So What? Factor

The implication of a nonresponsive career portal goes deeper than mere aesthetics; The same study points to the sobering truth that 1 in every 4 job seekers will not apply for a job if a company’s career site is not mobile optimised.

Given that maintaining and growing a talent pipeline is listed HR by thought leaders in the region as THE paramount issue that they contend with, a mobile-friendly career portal is quintessentially a necessity to cater for job seekers that are increasingly turning to mobile to browse for career opportunities.


Why You Need To Invest In Your Career Portal

mobile_unfriendly_portalMany SMEs tend to think of a careers page like an afterthought or an accompaniment to the main corporate website.

As a result, the careers page (along with the entire website) tend to be managed in its entirety by the IT or Marketing team, making it difficult for the HR team to post their job opportunities to the careers page in a timely fashion.

What then results from this is that the careers page tend to be static in nature, with outdated jobs or worse, a brief note to potential job seekers to send in their resumes to a generic email address if they are interested in working for the firm.

The truth remains that having just a careers page is not enough.

This runs counter to the job search behaviour that job seekers exhibit.

Job seekers tend to read up on the company and the job opportunities available before applying.

If job seekers cannot find the relevant information about the current job opportunities and cannot send in their applications directly via your careers page, the attrition rate (drop off rate) is staggering.

A whopping 33% of the potential applicants would not follow through with their application, even if they were interested in your company initially!

In a tight labor market, these leakages in applicant leads may lead to poor responses and employers that are urgently looking to place hires may then make sub-optimal hires in a limited pool of applicants, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poor recruitment practices.

A full feature career portal, therefore, serves as a great tool that can help HR teams to attract and channel substantial traffic of potential hires and indulge job seekers with the information they need in order to garner their applications.

At the same time, job seekers can be your customers as well, and a career portal with a strong corporate branding can deepen the interaction and improve the overall impression of the corporate brand as a whole.


So What Features Do You Need In A Career Portal?

Crafting a career portal that serves its intended purposes should be a carefully thought out process deliberated by the HR team.

For a career portal to be truly effective as a source channel to garner job applications, it should have the following features:

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Current Job Opportunities and Detailed Job information
  • Ability to apply for the job directly on the site
  • Social recruiting / sharing
  • Corporate Information / Branding Elements


The Million Dollar Question: How Much Will It Cost Me?

How much would a comprehensive career portal that has all these functionalities cost?

For cost prudent SMEs, this is often the prohibiting factor for change, as building a comprehensive career portal would usually entail a hefty price tag, alongside with maintenance costs to update the website every now and then with current job opportunities.

If that is the case for you, please meet StaffOnDemand.

Making Career Portals and Corporate Branding a Breeze for SMEs


StaffOnDemand is a cloud-based recruitment management software that empowers HR teams like yourself to amplify your job ad exposure to over 2 million active job seekers.

One of the many powerful features included as part of StaffOnDemand’s offering is the ability for HR Teams to create their own mobile responsive career portal in less than 5 minutes, and maintain it easily without having to tax the internal IT team or external vendors at all.

And no, you don’t have to learn a single line of code in order to do that.

Purpose-built for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), StaffOnDemand is designed to be intuitive and easy for HR teams to use on the get-go; Making changes or updates to the career portal is as easy as changing your Facebook profile or cover image!

By allowing end users (HR teams like yourself) to be able to manage the career portal and update the contents by yourself, HR teams can reap significant cost savings while, at the same time, better engage with job seekers.

With a little creativity, you can come up with brilliant corporate branding for your own career portal, such as these companies’ HR teams – The sky’s the limit!


Personalize your career portal with your corporate branding in minutes!

The feature-rich career portal not only allows job seekers to browse through current job opportunities easily on their mobile devices and send in their application directly via the portal.

It also enables job seekers to share the job ad through their own social networks as well, thereby amplifying your job ad outreach to an even bigger audience.


No More Spam Abuse

Employers / HR teams often experience a dreaded situation with every recruitment drive, where they receive a ton of unsolicited emails unrelated to job applications as an unintended result of putting out their email addresses out for job seekers to send their applications to.

Just like why you would not reveal your home address publicly for people to mail you, putting out email addresses out on the world wide web to solicit for job applications is never a good idea since you cannot ascertain who gets this information once it is out in the open.

The unsolicited avalanche of unrelated emails could be as innocent as a mere product advertisement, or be of a sinister nature like a phishing email or an email with embedded virus links.

More often than not, these spam emails cause your over-chocked email inbox to tip over the space limits.

A soft bounce (your mailbox is temporary over its space limits) prevents genuine job applicants from being able to send in their applications to you, and sadly, you wouldn’t know that they applied either, and that poses a serious problem for recruiters.

With StaffOnDemand, your career portal is a powerful front-facing extension of your recruitment management system.

All your job opportunities are automatically synced with your career portal, so you do not have to manually post the content up yourself at all.

More importantly, job seekers that are keen on the job opportunity can send their applications directly via the career portal, and your email address is protected from public view.

All applications are centralised neatly in your StaffOnDemand’s account and tagged to the source that they came from (e.g. Career Portal).

It also gives you a neat overview and insight on the efficiency of the source channel (e.g. 90% of your applications are coming from your career portal and 10% from referrals).


Tap on SPRING’s SME HR Shared Services & Powercharge Your Recruitment Today!

If you are a local SME in Singapore, consider tapping on the myriad of government grants that are targetted at helping SMEs to increase their productivity through the use of technological solutions.

As a participating vendor under SPRING’s SME HR Shared Services, StaffOnDemand offers to SMEs the ability to adopt a comprehensive cloud-based recruitment management system that can cut down on your hiring cycle time by as much as 50%.

Under this scheme, SMEs can get up to 70% reimbursement for the adoption of the system to manage recruitment processes.


Free 2 Months Trial

StaffOnDemand is providing a special sign up link just for my readers. If you are a direct employer and is new to StaffOnDemand, you can get a 2 months’ free trial simply by signing up at this link.

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