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The HR Tech market is extremely fragmented and cluttered.

Based on my 2019 HR Tech Market Map released earlier this year, there are at least 160 HR tech vendors in Singapore alone. And 5000+ HR tech products globally. 

I can imagine the confusion amongst buyers as they are reminded about the “Future of Work” and “HR Digital Transformation”.

Just like no recruiter wants to read through 100 unique CVs to hire that one candidate, neither would HR Tech buyers want to sit through a few dozen demos before deciding which one to go with.

With that in mind, the team behind iCube Consortium (recipient CIO APAC Outlook Magazine Top 10 HR technology solutions providers 2019) set out to solve this pain point and recently launched SolveCubeHR, a global first e-HR intelligent market platform.

Officially launched in mid-July, SolveCubeHR is funded by Enterprise Singapore Capability Development Grant.

[callout]SolveCubeHR is a disruptive innovation, changing the way HR products and services are accessed and consumed globally. It aims to empower buyers and providers of HR freelance expertise & HR tech solutions, to access each other speedily and cost-effectively. No more network search or references or cold calls.[/callout]

With ~12 HR market places across USA, Singapore, India, Canada etc., and many more HR association networks in other countries, the access, without any exception, is “listing directories”.

Going back to the recruitment analogy, it is akin to getting a full list of candidates when you do a keyword search on your ATS without the suitability score.

At least you only have one set of requirements (or keywords) to search with as a recruiter.

When you are shopping for an HR tech platform, the heads of IT, procurement, business units would also have their own criteria.

Often enough, the answers you are looking for are not publicly available as vendors hold their cards not just close to their chest but kept deep within their vault.

All these make the buying process complex and cumbersome, which can be a drag to timeline and motivation.

Enter SolvecubeHR

Infusing decades of blended HR domain knowledge with proprietary matching technology, SolveCubeHR helps to ensure only the best-fit recommendations are presented based on the inputs from buyers over an extensive and structured review of benefits & features.

This is achieved through two important processes completed quickly:

  1. The vendors onboard their capability in detail via a structured online process. This allows easy comparison of buyer requirements versus what the vendor got to offer.
  2. The buyer has to go through a similar structured process to make sure the full specifications are listed out.

The intelligence of the platform takes over to identify and present the top matches that fit buyer needs instantaneously.

From there, the buyers can engage the shortlisted vendors through audio or video calls and/or online chats.

At the vendors’ end, they would get immediate notification of a warm interest.

Given so, the level of engagement and priority would be significantly higher, making the rest of the process much more conducive for both parties.


The key differentiation of SolveCubeHR – neutrality.

Most similar platforms or directories would collect referral fees from vendors. 

Hence the recommendation would always be the same few as those are the ones that would be paying them.

That is good for the platform but not so for the buyers who just want to have the best possible tech solution in the market to solve their problem.

With that in mind, SolveCubeHR adopted a product-neutral stance and doesn’t take any referral fees from vendors.

This allows complete objectivity and ensures matching needs and capabilities are purely based on what the buyers need.

Instead, HR tech vendors would be paying for a subscription to be listed on the platform allowing for independent matchmaking. 

The platform is built to onboard 30+ HR tech categories

HRM Software Learning Management Performance Management
Applicant tracking Payroll solutions Time and attendance
Succession Planning Video interviewing 360-degree feedback
Compensation Management  Benefits Administration Talent Management 
Workforce Management Onboarding solution Employee recognition
Employee engagement Career Planning Organisation Chart
Contract Labour Mgt Stock Options Admin Document Management
HR Help Desk Background verification Knowledge Management
HR Risk Management HR Analytics Predictive Analytics
Collaboration software EHS software Mentoring system 

What kind of products and services will be available?

  • Use “expert on call” facility to seek HR advice almost instantly.
  • Find curated HR experts to Set up, Step up or Transform your HR function
  • Download ready to use policies, templates, manuals
  • Devise your HR strategy with HR diagnostic tools and instant reports.
  • Find an HR expert to customise HR policies or handbooks
  • Find the right fit HR tech products, matched for your specific needs

So what else can you do on the platform?

Beyond providing intelligent matching, there is other stuff you can do on the platform. Such as: 

  • Engage end to end on the platform- buy, sell, pay and receive online
  • Subscribe as a freelancer vendor and get presented in the top matches when scores with other vendors are equal. 
  • Subscribe as an HR tech vendor and get free access to leads without a Lead Fee each time. And be presented as a preferred vendor after all other scores are almost equal to match buyers’ needs.


Keen to be featured?

For a limited period, HR tech vendors get to register free and be handheld through the onboarding process.

There are already tens of HR tech vendors, 100+ buyers and ~ freelancers on the platform.

Join and gain access to buyers. 

Reach out to [email protected] to find out more from the founder today. 

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