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In the world of increasing connectivity, it remains incredibly frustrating hard to find someone’s corporate email address.

Be it to link up with old work pals, recruiting or prospecting, getting the email address is key to getting your message across.

There are many tools available in the market that do just that. And you would think they work wonders until you begin to get a bounce message for every other email sent.


Snovio saves your time finding and verifying emails of right people.

This is where Snovio beats it’s competition.

LinkedIn email search

Definitely, LinkedIn is the best resourse to find the right person.

But everybody faced the problem with the limit of inmails.

It would be much more convenient to use email for business communication.

At this point, you would find extremely useful.

All you need is to add Snovio extension to your browser. Go to anyone profile, click on the extension button and save emails to your list. That’s all.


Domain search

Works just as LinkedIn email search. It works on any webpage.

Also, there is an inner domain search.

Moreover, you may use Prospect search, Company search or Linker (boolean search) to explore specialists in definite fields.


Email Verification

And the last, but not the least is Snovio Verifier.

Snovio have their own database of bounced emails.

They also check syntax and domain validity, followed by checking the email addresses against their database of bounced emails before a multiple SMTP-check.

This significantly reduces cases of false positives in results.



Snovio closest competitors are Hunter and FindThatEmail.

The main distinction is that Snovio is a kind of “all in one” product.

It includes Domain Search, LinkedIn Email search, Prospect Search, Company Profile search, Linker (boolean search) and its own Verifier.

They have their own database of companies which help users to explore company profiles and find right people.


How much does it cost?

Snovio prices are lower comparing to their competitors, which makes Snovio a perfect solution for startups and small businesses. Moreover, they don’t charge credits for invalid emails.

Every user gets free 150 credits every month. The prices of their monthly plan vary between $19 and $139.

Find Out More About Snovio

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