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Disruptive Singapore HR Tech Startups That You Need To Know

Recently I have been speaking at events about HR tech in Singapore.

From ASME Business Symposium to Smart Workforce Summit and very soon, at SHRI Congress 2016.

HR Tech seems to be (finally) gaining traction and interest within the target community.

There are even opportunities for the HR Tech Startups to exhibit at a couple of these events to drive more awareness out in the market.

If you are equally passionate about this space, register and drop by Shaping Careers And Learning on 1st Nov 2016. Seven local HR Tech Startups will be exhibiting to showcase their disruptive technologies.

I am also helping SHRI Congress 2016 to make recommendations on who they could invite down as exhibitors.

If you are in the HR Tech space and we don’t know each other yet, please drop me a note so I know about your business and products.

For HRs who didn’t get a chance to attend my talk, here’s my latest deck on the disruptive HR Tech Startups in Singapore.

[reminder]Do you know of any interesting HR Tech Startups that isn’t mentioned?[/reminder]

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