86: Sanjeev Magotra on the state of mental wellbeing, and making mental fitness into a habit – your ‘10,000 steps’ of mental wellbeing

Sanjeev Magotra is a Digital, AI and Cloud technologist, with over 27 years of leadership experience with companies like Accenture and IBM.

Over his career, he has led diverse teams and managed regional technology businesses. He has been living in Singapore for over 21 years. Prior to this, he has lived in Australia and India. He is a thought leader in digital technology and has helped many enterprise clients in their digital transformation journey. His passion for how digital technology can be used for social-wellbeing has driven his journey and helped bring Joye to life!

What we discussed:

  • Megatrends in mental wellness
  • His personal motivation to leave the corporate world after 27 years to create Joye
  • Why mental well-being is no longer a taboo subject
  • What the 10,000 mental fitness steps are
  • Preventive steps individuals can take to better their mental state
  • And many more…

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