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[Podcast] Interview with Gary Lee

As a seasoned facilitator and talent developer with over 12 years of experience in L&OD, talent management and consulting, Gary Lee has worked with companies from diverse industries in the areas of Talent Development, Leadership, Change Management and Corporate Strategy.

Before joining Grundfos as the Chief HR Specialist, Global Talent Development, Group OD, Gary was the Regional Head of Training of a consultancy firm with presence across seven countries in APAC.

He then went on to become the Head of Learning & Development, HR Business Partner for an SGX listed company where he led many L&OD projects to increase the firm’s readiness for IPO listing.

MBA qualified & accredited with various psychometric tools, he has developed and implemented numerous talent initiatives and facilitated for over 200,000 participants globally.


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Did you know that 77% of HR executives believe that performance reviews are not an accurate representation of employee performance?

When the performance appraisal process is viewed to be biased and ineffective, employees become demoralised, disengaged and eventually leave.

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Instead of collecting feedback about your employees once or twice a  year, Hoorah provides a continuous and anonymous feedback channel both on mobile and web.

Hoorah does not stop at helping you collect internal feedback, feedback from external parties is also captured seamlessly. The feedback collected is analysed and used to drive data-driven performance appraisals.

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