PeopleStrong expands in Asia

Over 16th July 2019, PeopleStrong announces further expansion plan in Asia.

To celebrate the moment, we invited a close group of HR leaders and partners to witness the launch.

Our CEO Pankaj Bansal and Chief Sales Officer Kiran Kumar joined the event with the Singapore team.

Held in the newest WeWork at the reopened Funan Mall, guests also get to meet our newest and first APAC Board Director Wong Su-Yen.

Su-Yen is the former CEO at Human Capital Leadership Institute and former MD at Mercer. This is in addition to her board involvement with Nera Telecommunications, Yoma Strategic Holdings, MediaCorp, NTUC First Campus, and CPA Australia.

She is also a Fellow and member of the Governing Council of the Singapore Institute of Directors and is an active member of Women Corporate Directors and the Young Presidentsโ€™ Organization.

The event was opened by Pankaj with an intimate sharing of our journey from day one and how we landed up in Singapore as our APAC office, supporting regional projects.

More interesting is the bits of data about the Asia market.

Did you know that the HR Market is experiencing a 20% growth?

And at least 65% of companies are looking to invest in cloud and mobile in their HR tech strategy.

Catching onto that early helped PeopleStrong to secure happy customers such as Aditya Birla Capital (11,000 employees), True (largest telco in Thailand with 27,000 employees), Future Group (The Walmart of India with 68,000 employees)

[slideshare id=156186005&doc=peoplestrongapaclaunchparty-190718024532]

Our guests were not left out in the discussion as we opened the floor to hear their views on the state of HR technology adoption in Singapore.

Here are five of them:

  • HR is moving towards professional tools and it requires a platform that is not only best in class but also enables seamless API integration with any other HR Tech platforms. Doing so will allow organisations to pick and choose the unique HR Tech stacks that work best in their environment yet eliminate platforms fatigue with multiple logins and silo databases.
  • Traditional ERP is still living in their own world and refuses to open up. This makes seamless integration with other HR tech solutions extremely difficult and, in many cases, impossible. And in cases of a new implementation, you are looking at the timeline in terms of years, not months.
PeopleStrong’s first APAC client
  • Focus on employee experience. From the job application process to months into their role, the experience of the employee is key to improve engagement and retention. Design thinking is one underplayed method to make the employee experience better. On the tech side, this could be in the form of providing a beautiful and simple UI on the app that employees use for self-service HR-related transactions.

    UI of our Employee Self-Service app
  • The government plays a key role in the promotion of HR Tech. Fortunately, Singapore is way ahead on this. As announced by Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad, A panel of experts has been convened to come up with ways for human resources (HR) professionals to use more technology as they help workers and businesses transform. The new panel, convened by the Manpower Ministry (MOM), is co-chaired by the ministry’s deputy secretary for workforce Poon Hong Yuen and Singtel’s group chief HR officer Aileen Tan. It includes HR and company leaders and representatives from the unions and government.
  • HR needs to become storytellers. Change management is crucial to make it work. Change is constant but also dreaded as people are just accustomed to the way they do things. To drive these initiatives, a memo release alone cannot work. Storyboarding, design-thinking and internal marketing skills are necessary to market these changes across to ensure maximum buy-in and adoption.

We are really excited about this next phase of PeopleStrong in Asia and would be most happy to share more.

If you are keen to learn more, drop me a note.

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