67: Oussama Labib on common missing L&D ingredient, team learning and the impact of culture

Former Head of L&D at IKEA Singapore and APAC Director of Instructional Design & Facilitation in a leading training company, Oussama Labib experienced first hands the challenges of delivering ROI from learning interventions, engaging learners and teams in a remote and virtual environment with Covid-19 as well as empowering teams and their leaders to take responsibility for their own development process.

Plus, he quickly realized that while a slew of digital learning solutions exists in the market for individuals to improve their performance, very few were tailored to the team as a whole.

Built on this ambition to enable teams to accelerate their performance and become High Performing, he founded aeqlia, a digital learning company at the intersection of experiential learning and gaming, technology and data as well as behavioural science and research. 

Its digital team development journeys are personalized based on teams’ needs and diagnostic, highly engaging and fun using a game-based learning program Miki Island and ROI-driven, using a team assessment to track and measure team effectiveness. 

What I discussed with Oussama:

  • the missing ingredient in many L&D initiatives
  • Team learning versus individual learning
  • How gamification can accelerate learning
  • Do culture and nuances impact learning?
  • And many more…

Please enjoy!

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What was your favourite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

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