New SkillsFuture Initiatives

SkillsFuture is off to a busy start of 2019.

With the completion of the entire set of Skills Framework, they are moving next to engage the industry about them and their initiatives.

From Employer Awards to Fellowships to JumpStart! workshop to Learning Enterprise Alliance, it is hard to ignore the significance of what SkillsFuture is telling the market – the importance of skilling.

Here are details of these new upcoming initiatives: 

SkillsFuture Employer Awards

The SkillsFuture Employer Awards honour exemplary organisations, which lead the way in championing employees’ skills development and building a culture of lifelong learning in their workplace.

It is a non-monetary, national-level recognition award.

Application close on 31 Mar 2019.

For more information and application:

For queries, please approach the programme manager, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF): [email protected]

SkillsFuture Fellowships

The SkillsFuture Fellowship recognises Singaporeans with deep skills and are lifelong learning champions, and help them achieve mastery in their respective fields.

The SkillsFuture Fellowships honour these individuals as masters of skills and mentors of future talent, with a monetary award of $10,000 to support their continued journey towards skills mastery.

The monetary award can be can be used for a wide range of skills deepening and upgrading courses that could be conducted locally or overseas.

Application close on 31 Mar 2019.

For more information and application:

For queries, please approach the programme manager, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF): [email protected]

SkillsFuture Jumpstart! Workshop

This half-day workshop is jointly organised by SkillsFuture Singapore and Ernst & Young. Delivered by Ernst and Young (EY), the SkillsFuture JumpStart! Workshop is designed for enterprises that are keen to learn how to operationalise their people strategy and effectively tap on relevant government schemes to support their people strategy to achieve business goals.

What is covered in the workshop:

• The importance of a sound people strategy for business transformation
• Assessment of your people strategy through a simple diagnostic survey
• On-the-spot advice on relevant SkillsFuture initiatives to strengthen your people strategy
• How other organisations have benefited from the SkillsFuture initiatives

The regular price for this workshop is $267.50. For SMEs and/or Singapore citizens who are aged above 40, it will only cost $42.50.

More details of the workshop can be found in the attached flyer. For queries/registration, please write to: [email protected] or call 67181721.

Upcoming run dates:

  • 15 Mar (Fri)
  • 21 Mar (Thu)
  • 16 Apr (Tue)
  • 30 Apr (Tue)
  • 7 May (Tue)
  • 21 May (Tue)
  • 28 May (Tue)

Learning Enterprise Alliance

Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA) is an initiative by Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) that could boost your enterprise transformation journey in 2019.

LEA comprises a curated knowledge network of diverse enterprises committed to promoting learning and performance at work and through work. LEA enterprise members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to LEA’s knowledge network to learn best practices from high performing workplaces
  • Tap on IAL’s Certified Workplace Learning Specialists to re-design work and workplaces and optimise performance.
  • Benchmark against global best practice companies with high performing work culture.
  • Get funding support of up to 80% of eligible consultancy costs, or $10,000 whichever is lower

Please view the following attachment to find out more or contact Ms Priscilla – [email protected]. Do note that LEA application closes on 28 Feb 2019!

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