My Career Coaching Program is live!

As many of you would know, I have launched a separate website focusing on recruitment training and career coaching.

I am pleased to inform that career coaching program has gone live! I call it the Job Magnet Program. Because in the modern connected world, that is very much possible.

Here is a snippet:

Become a Job Magnet Program:

This is a complete step-by-step program with tried-and-tested strategies, psychological tactics and easy-to-use templates to turn you into a jobs attracting magnet.

Become a Job Magnet is a specially designed program that enable you to elevate your presence in the job market. That open up more doors for you and consequentially attracts new opportunities for you to weigh and consider.

This program is based on a decade of carefully blended tactics and strategies that was accumulated in working closely with recruiters, HRs and candidates. It is designed to be highly customizable to your existing background and coerce you to take systematic action steps instead of random missteps.

For more on who it is for, testimonials and curriculum, head over to this link.

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