Moving workforce towards Generation Zero with tech-enabled corporate health management programme.

Imagine a workforce that is not defined by age but by their heart health instead.

A new generation of people will emerge, with zero heart attacks and zero strokes, making them the most productive workforce ever.

They are called Generation Zero.

HeartVoice is paving the way to this aspirational reality with its integrated corporate wellness programme.

Many organisations have long offered health screenings for their employees, yet chronic diseases are still a growing problem in the workplace here.

This is probably because employees are left to manage their health on their own accord, but they don’t know what their follow-up options are.

HeartVoice fills the gap by providing technology-enabled health screening supported with follow-up plans personalised to an individual’s condition.

The Programme provides a holistic approach that includes health screening, home-based health monitoring, online doctor consultations and Health Programs focused on treating chronic diseases and supporting healthy weight loss.

The entire programme is designed to guide employees through each step of their wellness journey, having all features integrated on a single platform for HeartVoice’s subscribers convenience.

Employees’ health journey starts with a health screening session which can be booked and paid for
via the HeartVoice App.

During the screening, employees receive instant health insights about their blood pressure, heart rate and body composition directly in the App.

Seven days after the screening, they will receive their screening reports, again directly in the App.

This is followed up with a tele-review with HeartVoice medical team helping everyone chart their
personal health plans.

Based on individual results, employees will be recommended to modify their lifestyle and enrol on Remote Monitoring programme.

HeartVoice has a set of Health Programs to manage Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes and Obesity.

Our health screening team reported that the immediate health status feedback sparked conversations and created a buzz among colleagues at the Health Kiosks as they discuss and share their readings and graphs with one another. This feature alone raises health awareness, increasing the chance of doing a further follow-up with our medical team. After health screening, employees are encouraged to monitor their health vitals at home through our App while being guided with personalised health notifications. Our Remote Monitoring Programs consist of video consultations, in-clinic visits, live-time health vitals monitoring and educational videos from our doctors.

Mr Daisuke Nozaki, Managing Director, HeartVoice Pte. Ltd

The Programme comes at a right time when chronic illness is detected in individuals as young as 30
years old.

Productivity loss due to sickness absenteeism per employee is projected to increase by 25 per cent on Gross National Income in Singapore, reaching S$3.3 billion by 20303.

It highlights the urgent need for an organisation to address this issue in more holistic ways other than just offering health screening only.

The common health issue with our staff is high blood pressure. So we hope that HeartVoice
programme will make a big difference in the way our staff manage their health.

Eleanor Lim, Senior Human Resources Executive, The Fullerton Hotel, one of the early adopters of the Programme.

HeartVoice corporate wellness programme is made possible by leveraging the expertise and industry experience of OMRON Healthcare and iAPPS Pte Ltd.

It brings together a suite of healthcare technological solutions, direct engagement and a personalised touch from the network of medical professionals, all integrated into a secure and user-friendly app platform.

The three critical capabilities are:

  • a technological platform that allows HeartVoice’s subscribers to seamlessly manage their health.
  • OMRON’s remote patient monitoring technology and cutting edge algorithm to support doctors with patient monitoring and stratify patients based on their health performance.
  • A strong, dedicated network of medical professionals who can monitor subscribers’ health data and make timely, data-driven decisions.

Our zero heart attack and zero stroke mandate can only be achieved if we drive home the importance of early detection and intervention through health screening and also provide tech-enabled customised lifestyle modification and chronic disease management programmes. People spend most of their time at work. HeartVoice aims to raise health awareness, one office at a time. Generation Zero will happen when ongoing health monitoring and proactive data-based lifestyle modifications become a custom for everyone.

Mr Daisuke Nozaki, Managing Director, HeartVoice Pte. Ltd
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