93: Livspace Joyita Poddar on Plugging the Employee Welfare Gap

Joyita Poddar is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Livspace. She brings to the company over two decades of experience in human resources having worked with companies like Sabre Corporation, eBay Inc., Star India Pvt Ltd, Piramal Enterprises and Saint Gobain in the past.

Her key specializations are in the field of organizational change management, M&A, culture and people strategies, leadership growth and leadership coaching. An alumnus of Symbiosis International University, she will lead critical people strategies and optimizing talent at Livspace.

The core of her focus will be in driving engagement and investing in a high performing team with ensuring the core of the unique organization culture is retained.

What we discussed:

  • Why are employee welfare important for organisations?
  • What are some common employee welfare to consider?
  • Guiding principles on creating or revamping employee welfares
  • Employee welfares that Livspace is currently providing
  • Upcoming employee welfare trends
  • And many more…

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