What I learned from TVB artistes at StarHub/TVB Awards 2014


I was at StarHub TVB awards yesterday over at Marina Bay Sands. It’s my first time attending a media award ceremony and the feelings of seeing some of my favorite TVB artistes in real life is pretty surreal.

It reminded me of myself 14 years ago. I was really enthusiastic about getting into the entertainment scene. The pay is good, you get to switch career in every drama and you get to live a high life.

I didn’t make it despite attempts. My vocals just can’t compete and deadpan acting skills was seriously obvious without a pretty face to distract the audience. So I moved on.

Yesterday I sensed huge similarities in the thank you speech by the award winners. They all gone through tough beginnings. The scoldings, the NGs, the tormenting hours. But they still persisted. Because acting/singing is his passion, something he said he knew since he was a kid.

Louis Cheung said it best. He only heard two sentences when he was trying to break into the scene. 1) Hello & 2) Please go home, it’s not possible for you.

He persisted despite all odds and he won Best Newcomer yesterday. He is also an accomplished song writer, singer, and dancer. Amongst all other performers, he was the one who really kept the crowd on their feet.

That had me reflecting my attempts 14 years ago. I didn’t try as hard as any of them did for sure. I was only chasing the glamorous lifestyle that was the consequence of years, if not decades, of sweat and tears. I don’t have an entertainer’s blood flowing through me.

Which is why I kept emphasizing to all of my career coaching workshop participants that passion should ultimately take precedent and be the beacon to guide your career direction. Don’t force your way into a bank or take up an accountancy course because the money is there. You are merely chasing consequence.

Simply identify your passion (which I admit is the hardest part), practice that religiously and money/lifestyle will naturally come your way. The 14 winners yesterday are proof of that.

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