Learn by design at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020

[callout]The future is on everyone’s minds-what lies ahead and what will be its impact on people and work. People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 will explore how organizations can reinvent to be future-ready by design.[/callout]

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln.

That statement was true when Lincoln said it and even truer today when the world is much less predictable than it was and the future is more uncertain.

The future is on everyone’s minds-what lies ahead and what will be its impact on people and work?

How can we be future-ready by design?

It is these questions People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 will explore and hope to find the answers to.

After its successful international debut in Singapore last year, People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020, Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference is back in a bigger and bolder format.

Themed around ‘By Design’, the conference will examine the purpose of technology, its impact on business, accelerating change in talent practices as well as the way in which we architect digital culture while keeping an eye on what technology brings to the fore.

The conference will stimulate conversations on completely rethinking how we run our business, how work gets executed and how we create seamless experiences for our customers and employees.

Thus it is a must-attend for both business and talent leaders who are undertaking their journeys for a people-led digital transformation. In order to facilitate this, the conference will focus on four major themes- #DigitalBYDESIGN#AlignedBYDESIGN#Future-ReadyBYDESIGN and #ExperienceByDesign.

Here is what the four themes will explore-


This theme will focus on breaking old structures and operating models and figuring out what’s next, nurturing digital talent and skills, crafting an irresistible employee experience, and building a digital culture.

From revamping your people playbook to turning the fear of automation into a digital talent revolution to humanizing and digitizing, through case studies, deep-dive sessions, and panels, the theme will address challenges and opportunities in the roadmap to success in digital transformation.



The next step after the design is alignment and this theme will explore how organizations can re-imagine the talent function, harness talent analytics, transform people operations, and build an analytics-driven people function.

The theme will touch upon topics such as how progressive organizations are revamping HR teams to take advantage of emerging business models, how HR metrics can determine efficiency and impact people practices in a way that is strategic and relevant to your organization’s mission and goals, future fitting a high-performance TA function, and how AI can be leveraged in Total Rewards and Performance Management.



The future is on everyone’s minds-what lies ahead and what will be its impact on people and work.

This theme will explore everything from the future of tech to what does Robotics, Automation, & Augmentation mean for HR to the future of employment to blockchain and Internet of things.

The focus will be on demystifying how big data and emerging technologies are disrupting talent dynamics in organizations and how humans and machines can work together in the upcoming digital revolution.

The future necessitates adaptiveness and resilience as core competencies and the theme will explore how organizations can make these crucial characteristics their core competencies.



Be it big data or automation or blockchain, all technologies and transformational experiences will result in improved candidate experience.

This theme will focus on organizations can give candidates a positive, gratifying experience in building successfully integrated wellbeing programs and examining how these programs increased employee productivity and engagement.

The theme will deep dive into topical discussions like how organizations who focus on employee experience have better customer experience and how value is added by listening to employees, and what leaders can do to make their workers’ voices feel heard.

Do not miss your chance to design your own wholesome learning path. Join us in Singapore for People Matters TechHR 2020, Asia’s Largest HR & WorkTech Conference on 19 -21 February 2020. Click here to register.

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