S3E101: Chew Siew Mee on the Societal Pressures to be the “Traditional Wife & Mother” and achieving her career goals to become the Managing Director of JobStreet Singapore

Chew Siew Mee is the Managing Director of JobStreet Singapore. In her role, Siew Mee is responsible for leading and driving the business’ growth and operations, while building on the company’s success and presence throughout the Southeast Asia region.

A veteran in the recruitment industry, Siew Mee has over two decades of rich experience– all of them dedicated to growing and nurturing JobStreet. With her in-depth understanding of organisational structure and coupled with manpower-related decision making practices, she has helped transform the recruitment journey of companies across the board.

Under her leadership, JobStreet Singapore has grown 15 folds and has successfully undergone digital transformation. She currently leads a team of 100 employees whom she works closely with to drive accelerated business growth. She also spearheads numerous transformational projects to drive change in one of Southeast Asia’s leading employment companies.

Working with people forms the essence of Siew Mee’s love for the job. This translates into her unique ability to mentor and coach across various functional departments.

A leader equally passionate about people and technology alike, this makes Siew Mee rightly positioned to lead recruitment, management and motivation of her large talented team to navigate the dynamic changes in the industry.

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