JobKred Launches AI-powered Lithium, A Skills Intelligence Platform with Embedded Analytics Tools

JobKred, a skills intelligence company, announced the launch of its latest AI-powered platform – Lithium.

Lithium provides enhanced visibility and analytics into the skills ecosystem of an enterprise. As companies seek to enhance their agility during these volatile times, JobKred enables companies to make data-driven decisions about their people and business with real-time skills and labour market intelligence.

Digital technologies are great enablers of change across business processes.

Despite the rapid adoption of technologies, research has revealed that 82% of ASEAN CEOs are still concerned about the availability of the right skills in the market, which would, in turn, constrain business growth and hinder companies’ ability to tackle the challenges and demands of an ever-evolving world.

Although more companies are turning to technology to build a sustainable workforce, many do not know how to identify the skills they need to acquire or develop.

Make better decisions with Skills Intelligence

Understanding the difficulties companies face in evaluating the skills and capability of their workforce, Lithium provides a structured approach to analyse and review their talent pool.

It serves as a central hub for skills data with an integrated skills ecosystem connecting internal and external labour market data.  

The platform provides real-time skills intelligence with embedded analytics tools.

Companies can analyse, monitor, and track key metrics about their talent with interactive dashboards, understand the current supply of skills, gaps and proficiency and undertake initiatives to address the gaps or plan for skill development. 

As we move towards an increasingly skills-based economy, it is important for companies to have dynamic skills strategies in place to adapt to the changing world of work. With Lithium, businesses can draw upon the real-time skills intelligence to build their workforce for the future of work, ensure business continuity with ready talent and mitigate skills obsolescence.

Gary Gan, CEO of JobKred

Companies can expect to save more than 60% in cost as Lithium helps to reduce labour-intensive processes through automation and AI.

They can build competency frameworks, customize the language of skills, create skills classification, and conduct skills validation within weeks instead of years. 

JobKred will work with companies in the manufacturing sector, to support their industry 4.0 transformation through a partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy (AMTA).

It is a national platform to lead the fore-sighting of emerging skills and knowledge required for Industry 4.0; as well as chart and facilitates the development of relevant in-demand advanced manufacturing training programmes to upskill and transform the workforce for Singapore’s manufacturing industry.  

We are delighted to work with JobKred as we can draw upon their expertise in skills intelligence to identify the specific skills and training needs, and facilitate development of contextualized training programmes to address the skills gaps and training needs for advanced manufacturing companies, so as to meet the evolving industry needs and strengthen Singapore’s manufacturing competitiveness.

Dr. Zeng Xianting, Director of the  Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy (AMTA) Programme Office

To learn more about JobKred’s AI-powered platform, Lithium, please visit

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