Indeed Singapore Labour Market Snapshot – Jun 2021

Despite Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) that occurred from 16th May  2021 to 13 June 2021, job postings on Indeed Singapore actually went up and reach a record high of 35.6% from the start of Covid19 in Feb 2020.

It is a clear sign of confidence from employers on the temporary occurrence of Heightened Alert, as they continue to go on their business to bring in headcounts.

Occupationally, every category from Production to Engineering to Retail still maintain above pre-pandemic level with Production leading the way up 90%.

Albeit a slight drop vis-a-vis May 2021, Transportation & material moving is holding 2nd place with 69%.

Even though job postings across occupations such as Social Science & Law, Office administration and arts, cultures and sports remain soft, these are still up 10% to 20% compared to pre-pandemic. 

As much as this is fantastic news for job seekers, employers have to be mindful that Singapore has a small pool of talents.

The economics don’t add up if every employer only wishes to acquire talent. This might be prime time for employers to consider setting up their training academy to build talents instead. 

With so many job postings going on, you can’t do that without a good team of HR professionals.

Job postings for HR roles are up 31.4% as compared to pre-pandemic, a strong signal on employers’ emphasis not just on hiring but also other aspects that HR can bring – such as employee engagement, HR policies, workplace strategies and more.

There should be many opportunities for job-seeking HR professionals in the short term.

The number of jobs that are remote in nature also hit a record high of 6.9% of total job postings. 

Even though it sets a record but I still think employers are not leveraging on this enough. 

With multiple surveys showing that there is a huge segment of workers that do not want to go back to the office ever, having jobs that are remote may become a highly sought Employer Value Proposition.

Employers should consider how to make more jobs remote or remember to make it clear enough on the job postings.

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