Indeed Singapore Labour Market Snapshot – Jul 2021

It is still raining jobs here on the sunny island of Singapore.

Nothing seemed to affect the bull run, including the latest round of Phase 2 (re)heightened alert that ended on the 16th of August.

Compared to Feb 1 2020 (the period when Covid19 first began), Singapore job postings on Indeed were up 40.7%. 

And compared to June 2021, the month before?

A 35.6%!

Businesses in Singapore appears to be confident and optimistic about where we are heading.

It is helpful that our national vaccination levels are well on target. 

As of 30th July, more than half of the population completed the full regimen. (It is standing at 77% as of 19th August).

With the foreseeable treatment of Covid19 as endemic, businesses may take that as a positive sign that things are finally going to be back to normal.

We just have to open the borders now for cash-rich tourists. 

Within the 40.7% increase, contributions are coming from ALL occupation groups.

The largest contribution continues to come from Production which has double the number of job postings compared to the start of Covid19.

Transportation has also inch close to 80%, compared to around 70% in June 2021. 

Installation, maintenance and repairs remain around 75% but was the 3rd largest contributor to job postings in July 2021.

Food & Beverage made the jump from below the national average of 35.6% in Jun 2021 to above in Jul 2021.

This is despite the fact that dining out was not possible during the interim lockdown. Perhaps it is a combination of replacements as well as prepping up for the eventual normalisation.

A big contributor for some time now, Healthcare has dropped by 8%. It corresponds logically to our winding down on the war on Covid19.

If we look at the entire composition of Singapore job postings, there are clearly shift towards the ones in Scientific research and software development. 

On the other spectrum, job postings in Sales and administrative assistant functions are the biggest dipper.

There are reasons for every effect. 

With lesser businesses especially in the domestic market, one would not need that many salespeople. 

Neither would you require the admin support to help them with quotations and proposals

If companies are confident of the opening of our borders soon, this is time to start (re)hiring the salespeople since you have lesser employment competition to deal with.

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