As some of you may have noticed, my latest HR Tech Market Map is done in collaboration with

A bit about the people behind it.

The site is started by Sriram Iyer, a former HR leader who ply his craft in the likes of Cognizant and NCS.

From Talent Acquisition to Resource Management, his decade-plus of experience stoke an interest to start his own HRTech Advisory firm. covers HRTech Trends, HRTech Advisory and (what I like to make a special mention of) HRTech Marketplace – Singaporeā€™s first, exclusive and curated marketplace of HRTech solution providers to enable enterprises to choose the best solution for their needs.

HRTech Marketplace

Not to steal Sriram’s thunder but I had the same idea long ago.

Which also goes to prove that idea is worthless without execution.

The premise of HR Tech Marketplace is to provide readily comprehensive information at the fingertips of HR professionals who are looking to explore HR Tech solutions.

And it isn’t just a yellow pages either.

Once you click into the specific HR Tech, you get an overview of what they do, a video summary if it is available and download their brochure direct from the page.

Most significantly would be the enquiry function where you can get more information and even arrange for a demo to learn more.

ā€œEnterprises that focus onĀ HRTechĀ as part of their transformational agenda are creatingĀ sustainableeconomic valueĀ andĀ better workplace experienceĀ for their employees. The marketplace platform is to enable Singapore enterprises in their HRTech journey by providing access to one platform that would host all the cutting edge HRTech solution providers servicing the Singapore talent marketplaceā€ – Sriram Iyer, Founder & CEO –

40 HR Tech listings and growing is aiming to grow the current list to 100 vendors by the end of May.

And with it, the additional features to allow registered readers to provide feedback and user ratings of the apps.

Essentially turning it into a Product Hunt for HR Tech.

Keen to be listed on marketplace? Get in touch with them via their contact form.

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