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When you look back over the past decade, many things didn’t change.

One of them is campus recruitment.

This is one area where I had probably seen little innovation in trying to make the experience better and scalable to accommodate a larger audience.

You put up a physical booth at the recruitment fair, get your most attractive staff members to manage them and pray that the mix of marketing brochures and perfume scent could create magic.

So it opens my eyes when I get to hear about MeetandEngage, a platform that facilitates branded and moderated chats with your prospective graduate hires.


1. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?

It enables employers to easily, efficiently and inexpensively create meaningful engagement with candidates at all stages of the recruitment process  – without leaving their desks.


2. How does it work?

It’s new HR Tech providing real-time communications.

It works by allowing users to easily and quickly create a real-time chat about a topic of interest to the group the company is targeting.

Typical conversations might be about a role and working for the company for passive candidates; the graduate career path for graduates; about the interviews for in-process candidates or the technical challenges for experienced hires.

Candidates join the chats and engage with recruiters, employees, hiring managers, technical managers, etc. to obtain the information they require to proceed to the next stage.


3. What are the key benefits that your product bring to companies and candidates?

The platform was specifically designed for recruiters, and so there are many advantages to them.  It’s time-saving, as they can engage with many people at the same time.

It’s safe, as all communications are moderated – a single click from the recruiter is needed to make candidates’ comments go live.

It’s effective, as a group chat can have one or many employees talking with many interested candidates.

This creates a tremendous amount of engagement and candidates become more interested in moving to the next stage of the recruitment process.

It’s also managed from a recruiter’s computer (or their tablet or their smartphone), and so there’s no need to travel and set up booths to speak to potential candidates, etc.

Candidates don’t need to download an app, nor share their ID or telephone number.

They can communicate from wherever they are – MRT, home, university, office, etc. – and engage with and understand the employer, the job, and ask questions by just participating in the chat.  It’s fast and fun for them too.


4. Any existing local case study?

We’re new in APAC and so no local case studies.

But customers in Europe, the UK and the US include; Deloitte, Vodafone, Leicester University, Virgin Media, Capco, Allianz, Zurich, GSK and much more, and we’re happy to share case studies.


5. Who are your closest competitors?

Initially, people say that they use Skype or Hangouts to talk to candidates.

But when they see that our platform – explicitly designed for recruitment use and reflecting the employer’s brand – has so many advantages – particularly the moderated group chat – they tend to use us as their sole real-time communications platform for the recruitment process.

So, I would say that our focus on the needs of all those participating in the hiring process is what makes our platform far better suited for this purpose.


6. How has being in Asia/Singapore influence your product?

I’ve been in Asia for almost 20 years, and so I bring Asian influence into our regular platform development meetings!

Seriously, though, recruiters all over the world have very similar requirements, and so we are truly able to listen to all our customers and reflect their needs into a global product.


7. How much does it cost?

The vast majority of our customers buy an annual licence which allows for unlimited use.

The cost of the licence varies according to what you want the platform to do, and so it’s best for us to understand the requirements before we discuss cost.

Typically, our clients say that the cost of our annual license is far less than they would have to pay to travel and meet in person or present to a group.


8. Where can people find out more about this?

Have a look at or contact me at [email protected].

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