Global hiring is rising

Even though the time of pandemic restrictions is quickly coming to an end, the business world is still facing economic headwinds that have never been seen before.

During the pandemic, organisations have become more open to new ways of doing business and working from home. With the help of technology, this has led to more people using offshoring strategies.

Companies choose this solution for a number of reasons, including that it can be cost-effective, give them the tools they need to quickly fill gaps in their workforce, help them reach new markets, give them access to a larger pool of talent with specific skills, and let them run their business in different ways.

PERSOL KELLY conducted a survey in the middle of 2022 with 1,326 decision makers across 12 countries in Asia Pacific and found that 84% of them are in favour of or have already started to use offshore recruitment strategies.

80% of them think that offshoring was a good way to meet their businesses’ needs for talent and other things.

Top Reasons Employers Hire Offshore Talent

Especially in view of the drought of IT talents and the rise in that field, it is not surprising that more than half of the IT companies surveyed has already adopted an offshore recruitment strategy.

As the world moves toward a new way of working, companies are starting big projects to change, especially in the area of human resources. Today, more companies see hiring people from other countries as a way to grow and get products to market faster.

Globalisation and technology have made it possible for employers to hire and manage talent beyond geographical boundaries. As the markets become more competitive, companies need to differentiate themselves to create more value for their customers to either preserve or introduce new competitive advantages. This can only be done through hiring the right talent with the right skill set to achieve the business objective.

Foo See Yang, Managing Director & Country Head, PERSOLKELLY Singapore.

Offshoring helps boost productivity and helps the organisation as a whole reach its strategic goals. IT and manufacturing used to be the only industries that did a lot of offshoring. Now, Finance, FMCG, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Supply Chain, Government, and Professional Services all see it as an extension of their business operations.

Going forward, a strategy for hiring people from other countries will help the economies of developing countries and raise the idea of globalisation.

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