Get Hired 10x Faster with JobSeer

Or so it is written on the landing page of JobSeer, a new Chrome plugin from the folks that created Hiretual.

For people outside of recruitment, you may not know Hiretual.

It is an AI sourcing tool that uses machine learning to speed up talent sourcing. This is made possible by turning your job description into a search term that you can easily apply onto a platform like LinkedIn so the right people surfaced.

The same principles are being applied on the other side of the fence to enable job seekers in their job search.

Job search is something I hold close to my heart. It is the reason why I had gone in recruitment (although I soon realised soon that it is a different ball game), co-wrote a career guide book, started a career coaching agency (sold to and a resume optimization platform (sold).

Unfortunately, it isn’t sustainable to be in this field. Something you could pick up by the fact that I got out of the two related ventures.

Even the book did not do well. I probably gave away more than I sold.

Nonetheless, I still find it rewarding to help people in their job search endeavours.

And for some people, it matters so much. To be able to put food on the table, get a better life, afford tuition for their kids and ultimately to reinvent their family tree.

Which is why I still follow this space closely, especially new tech tools that are enabling job seekers.

Most recently was Loopcv which help job seekers automate their job application process.

This is not new in the marketing world as companies cold email prospects based on the list they curated from the internet or from some data intelligence merchant. But applying that to job search is.

You can learn more about Loopcv in my podcast with their cofounder.—George-Avgenakis–Loopcv-enihsd/a-a41mlma

And now JobSeer, which really brings together a number of other apps and extensions that I seen before into one nifty bundle.

When you first load up the plugin, you are required to list down your preferred job, skills you possess, location and seniority.

The app would then pull out relevant jobs. From here you can upload your resume so JobSeer can give you an accurate match score by scanning your resume to find matched and missing skills while providing full transparency to you.

On top of the target company size, revenue, and information stated on their website, JobSeer lays out a whole new rundown of company insights like competitor companies, funding rounds, and fraud alerts.

Just below that, JobSeer discovers recruiter’s email and social profiles to help you gain more exposure to the company you are applying to. This may be a great way to bypass the applicant tracking system and showcase your application straight to their inbox.

The part I like most is the next segment which recommends people you should reach out to for a referral.

Referral has always been the best way for companies to get talents. By virtue of coming through that conduit, you are automatically inferred to be a great applicant.

Not to mention that referrers are often incentivise to do so.

In a world where tonnes of effort and money has been invested to make the recruitment process better and faster with AI sourcing tech, screening chatbots, gamified psychometric tests and facial mood analysis video interviews, many candidates, on the other hand, are still “fighting the battle” with Microsoft Words.

Using a tool such as JobSeer would be a great start to leverage tech to make your job search experience better and faster.

Learn more about JobSeer with their explainer video below:

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