77: Gaurav Chaubey on performance management rethink, convincing senior management and the great resignation

Gaurav Chaubey is the co-founder of Mesh, a modern performance management platform backed by Sequoia and Y Combinator.

Gaurav has been a lifelong student of people management and HR technology. He is a former People & Culture consulting leader with experience of over 300 people performance, pay, engagement, and analytics client assignments, across 30+ countries. In addition, he helped organize over 500 people and culture transformation workshops with leadership and management teams in those roles.

He has deep expertise in designing and implementing strategy-aligned organization structures, performance management frameworks, and pay for performance programs such as variable pay, short-term incentives, sales incentives, etc.

Gaurav is an expert in long-term incentive design, including employee stock options, stock appreciation rights, and phantom stock plans. He has successfully designed and implemented over 100 such plans across both listed and unlisted organizations.

In his previous roles, he led the setup, growth, and development of the analytics vertical of Grant Thornton’s Global Research Centre. He also delivered HR analytics and insights to leadership teams, focusing on employee experience, engagement measurement, and action planning.

As the Chief of Staff of Grant Thornton India, he worked with the India leadership to redesign the firm’s organizational structure and gained hands-on experience in designing performance metrics, MIS architecture for business performance analytics, and improving the quality of conversations in leadership review meetings.

Before working with Grant Thornton, Gaurav worked with the Compensation & Benefits consulting practice of Mercer Consulting.

What we discussed:

  • Biggest driver in the recent performance management rethink
  • Convincing senior management to transition from traditional to continuous performance management
  • The link between performance management and the great resignation
  • And many more…

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