“CNA938 Money Mind – How Businesses Could Deal With The Coronavirus”
by CNA938

Money Mind

I spoke with Stanley Leong and Chew Wui Lynn to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus has on businesses, the solutions companies could look at and policies they could adopt during these trying times.

“Adapting Business Operations to the Coronavirus Epidemic”
by MoneyFM


The 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak has forced governments around the world to take drastic measures like border closures and flight bans.

With no end in sight and as the situation is constantly evolving, there will undoubtedly be an impact on businesses.

I speak with Howie Lim and Bernard Lim to share more about how businesses should rethink their Business Continuity Plans to accommodate the pace with which the situation is changing.

What you missed at #Workfest 2020

A #newcodeofwork event by PeopleStrong & Wheebox

What do an awesome venue, great audience, delicious food make? An unbelievable event in the form of #Workfest2020. And it doesn’t stop there. There were product launches, major updates and interaction zones for guests to not just see but feel. The mix of business chatters and non-stop activity drove the energy in the ballroom through […]

How to Master Your Goal Setting Strategy

Reaching success takes time, determination, and dedication, and even more so, planning. Research shows that those who set goals are 10 times more successful than those who don’t.  If you are ready to hit the ground running towards your goals, we have created a few go-to tips to reaching any goal you have in mind.  […]

Don’t lead millennials, let them lead you

In our time societal change is so rapid that the old are holding back and the young are rushing forward. As a result, we are too far apart to hear and understand each other. Our generations have become disjointed. The post-WWII generation was dubbed “Baby boomers” as a name for the changes society underwent at […]

Building Capabilities in the Digital Age

My keynote at NCSS inaugural Capability Circle

If you think getting SMEs to adopt technology is tough, you have not met charities. Better known as Social Service Agencies (NCSS lingo), Social service agencies are non-profit organisations that provide services to benefit the community. Having sat on the board of one before, I can understand their resistance. Surviving on primarily on donors’ dollars, […]

My 2020 Productivity Secret – Mindfulness

Very cliche for some. I would think thing if someone told me the same thing a few years ago. Spending my downtime just sitting there and focusing on my breath? How is that more attractive than binge on Netflix or scrolling through my Facebook feeds? So it took me a while to warm up to […]

Capability Circles is designed with the aim to further enhance and strengthen the organisational capabilities of Social Service Agencies through the sharing of best practices, within and outside of the sector.

Keeping this in mind, the National Council of Social Service has selected for the launch, the theme of Building Capability in the Digital Age.

Through the showcase of technology and innovations, as well as deep conversations on practices, this launch event sets the stage for the Circles as a platform for networking, peer support, and learning.

I will be doing the keynote at this event.

Date:January 20, 2020
Time:01:30-05:30 p.m.
Event:Launch of NCSS Capability Circles
Topic:Building Capability in the Digital Age

“Leveling Up Your Talent Development & Experience Program”
by Smartup

Named one of the top 60 influencers in HRTech globally, Adrian is the go-to guy if you want to know the latest and newest in HRTech. In this episode, he shares how corporates can improve and level up their employee development programs. He also talks about how the face of corporate learning has changed and how we should adjust our approach towards it.

Within the next ten years, it’s estimated that over half of the world’s office-based jobs will be disrupted or displaced by technology.

It’s going to affect HR departments and workforce management in a big way – so you need to make sure you keep up with the changes.

Unite with other HR leaders at HR Tech Summit to get the latest insights and best practices from the leading experts.

Join us to:

  • Learn implementation best-practice from other organisations’ journeys
  • Use data effectively to inform strategic business decisions
  • Secure buy-in from internal stakeholders and senior management
  • Get ahead with insights on what’s coming in new technologies
  • Identify the best HR technology solution for your company needs and budget
Date:July 2, 2020
Event:HRD HR Tech Summit 2020
Registration:Click here to register.