“Leveling Up Your Talent Development & Experience Program”
by Smartup

Named one of the top 60 influencers in HRTech globally, Adrian is the go-to guy if you want to know the latest and newest in HRTech. In this episode, he shares how corporates can improve and level up their employee development programs. He also talks about how the face of corporate learning has changed and how we should adjust our approach towards it.

Within the next ten years, it’s estimated that over half of the world’s office-based jobs will be disrupted or displaced by technology.

It’s going to affect HR departments and workforce management in a big way – so you need to make sure you keep up with the changes.

Unite with other HR leaders at HR Tech Summit to get the latest insights and best practices from the leading experts.

Join us to:

  • Learn implementation best-practice from other organisations’ journeys
  • Use data effectively to inform strategic business decisions
  • Secure buy-in from internal stakeholders and senior management
  • Get ahead with insights on what’s coming in new technologies
  • Identify the best HR technology solution for your company needs and budget
Date:April 20, 2020
Event:HRD HR Tech Summit 2020
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SHRI is pleased to co-organise the HR Outlook 2020 with Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) through an engaging, thought-provoking and interactive platform!

HR Outlook 2020 will bring together a community of business leaders, HR decision-makers and industry leaders to discuss the current global economic issues that impact businesses and the world of work, workforce and workplace. You will have an opportunity to hear from experts on how they addressed these issues and how they keep up with emerging trends, giving you the insight and learnings you need to embrace transformation as you head towards industry 4.0.

Date:February 13, 2020
Event:SHRI HR Outlook 2020
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14 Productivity Tools and Apps That Help Me Achieve More in 2019

Productivity – the buzzword of the Singapore economy since time immemorial.

In the beginning, it was very much centred on the industrial age that we were in.

This means getting operators to adopt new equipment, change to new workflows or simply making the production area more ergonomic so you save previous minutes which could be channelled to making more widgets.

And that was decades ago.

In the digital age where almost everybody has a digital device to work on, the kind of productivity pursuit is very different.

Featured Case Study: Why Recruiters at DBS Bank use AI to Hire Candidates

It is tough not to read another technology article without Artificial Intelligence (AI) being mentioned.

To that extent, it is not surprising to see companies using that word more and more loosely.

On one spectrum, you have Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, who said that “it’s just nonsense” to believe that many tech companies are serious about their efforts to develop AI technology. 

And you also have companies like Google, which made the commitment to prioritise AI a couple of years ago.

The Pros and Cons of AI in Recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI), as a recruitment tool, has been rapidly rising and revolutionizing the recruiting process.

Similarly to sales representatives and marketers that had profited from automation tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce, recruiters are now progressively turning to AI for hiring talents.

Today, the recruitment automation scene incorporates approximately 70 different types of tools such as Gusto, Culture Amp, Luminoso, Smashfly, BreezyHR, and more.

Far from having reached our human cognitive abilities, the potential of AI-based tools in the recruitment process appears to be huge.

Top 4 Premium PDF Management Tools

Work is constantly evolving and in today’s fast paced environment, it can sometimes be hard to deal with everyday tasks and deadlines.

pdf tools

With the technology being omnipresent, new products, such as tools or apps are being developed daily and some of them can help you boost your efficiency and better organize your line of business.

This trend of constant digital improvement has overtaken the world by storm.

The choices are endless and so it has become almost impossible to find the right tool to help you finish your job faster.

In conjunction to MDIS Southern Cross University Programme information session, I will be guest speaking on the industries to look out for in 2015.

SCU Landing Page with Special Talk

Date:April 23, 2015
Time:07:00 p.m.
Event:MDIS Programme Information and Special Talk
Topic:Industries to Watch Out For in 2015
Venue: MDIS Campus
Location:501 Stirling Road
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