PeopleStrong acquires Qilo to offer OKR management

India – 23 Dec 2019PeopleStrong, the leading Work and HR tech company in Asia, announced the acquisition of Qilo, a SaaS performance management product that enables businesses to create a high-performance culture by aligning and measuring people-performance to business strategy.

With this acquisition, PeopleStrong’s already comprehensive HR Technology suite, which currently serves 300+ enterprises across Asia, through its Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, and Talent Management offering will get further strengthened.

Today over 800 thousand users from enterprises like Aditya Birla Capital, Singlife, True Corp, Amara raja group, Chola Finance, Future Group, and Vmart experiencing the new code of work with PeopleStrong.

Learn by design at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln.

That statement was true when Lincoln said it and even truer today when the world is much less predictable than it was and the future is more uncertain.

The future is on everyone’s minds-what lies ahead and what will be its impact on people and work?

How can we be future-ready by design?

It is these questions People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020 will explore and hope to find the answers to.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing an ATS Into Your Hiring Process

Hiring, as any HR manager would tell you, is a mess of epic proportions.

Every application that you receive must go through an exhaustive review, often involving multiple departments and managers.

As such, keeping track of each and every applicant and the status of their application is a difficult undertaking.

An Applicant Tracking System, or an ATS as it is usually known, is a godsend in this regard, helping you digitally streamline the hiring process and greatly reduce errors and delays.

TechHR Certification Workshops Singapore: Themes in focus

This year, the People Matters TechHR Conference in Singapore themed around ‘BY DESIGN’, has an extended day for interested registered delegates to explore highly effective and full-day certification workshops to get certified in a particular skill.

On Wednesday, 19th February 2020, some of the global experts present at the event will be leading full-day certification workshops.

Designed especially for HR professionals from diverse domains and industries, People Matters TechHR Certification Workshops includes learning sessions led by global experts in the HR and WorkTech space.

Improve your sales forecast accuracy with Anaplan and Salesforce Einstein

As a sales leader, you are asked to hold a tremendous amount of knowledge about the deals in your pipeline.

With each rep and each territory, you need enough information to estimate deal maturity and the likelihood of deals closing.

Yet period after period—and despite your sales forecast—your team ends up scrambling to close deals in the final few weeks.

Some inevitably close late or lose momentum entirely.

The trouble with this is not only that deals slip, but that inaccurate forecasts can have a cascading effect across your organization.

Get certified by global leaders: TechHR Certification Workshops

It’s no news that the adoption and integration of intelligent HR-tech solutions are essential aspects for making a better business impact with HR.

To enable and empower the people and the organization, HR teams have to develop new workplace models and design output-driven work processes.

However, the lack of resources, knowledge and insights are holding back HR teams from driving this transformation in their respective companies.

As pointed out by Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Report, HR leaders are no longer simply ‘digitizing’ their work, but ‘digitalizing’ their entire work process to integrate technology into the core of job roles.

Steelcase® Flex Collection Gives Teams Control to Adapt Spaces on Demand

SINGAPORE – November 20, 2019 – Today Steelcase revealed Steelcase® Flex, an integrated collection of furniture and accessories designed to meet the needs of modern teams and their changing activities.

Steelcase Flex creates dynamic team neighbourhoods which can be adapted on demand.

According to Steelcase’s global research, team-based work is increasing as people now spend 54% of their time working with others.

However, the nature of teamwork has fundamentally shifted to become more interdependent, fast-paced and fluid.

Today’s hyper-collaborative teams have embraced agile and design thinking methodologies to help them move faster and stay more closely connected to their customers.

Millennials. Digitalisation. Engagement. The workforce evolution demands organisations to rethink, reimagine and transform their HR strategy.

Be part of the biggest gathering of C-suite and HR practitioners in the region at HR Tech Festival Asia where technology serves as the guiding light to navigate the evolution.

Be inspired by 120+ luminaries and HR thought leaders sharing their navigation strategy as the world of work evolves, as well as their prediction on the future of work. Explore technologies, products and solutions that will support your digitalisation roadmap.

Date:May 12, 2020—May 13, 2020
Event:HR Tech Festival Asia 2020
Registration:Click here to register.

Meet these stellar thought leaders at TechHR 2020!

There is no better learning than learning from the best. Experts who are harnessing technologies that can enable disproportionate leaps in work efficiency or redefining the future of work and raising the bar for productivity, innovation, and growth in their organizations.

If your business or organization is looking to get insider tips from HR thought leaders at the forefront of driving change, look no further. People Matters TechHR 2020, Asia’s largest HR and Work Tech conference is just the right place to listen and learn from these trailblazers.

Why engineers won’t do your coding test

The idea behind a coding test is very simple: to filter out candidates who do not have the technical chops for the role, early on in the process before the hiring manager and candidate both waste their time with an in-person interview.

But most engineers today frown at the idea of completing a coding test, and over 50% straight out refuse to do status quo assessments (based on our research with 100+ companies in SEA).

Here are 3 of the most common reasons why engineers hate status quo coding tests: