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Interview with Sam Neo, Co-Founder at Stories of Asia & People Mentality Inc

I first met Sam Neo when I was shopping around for guests to participate in my new podcast about HR. We actually had to do the recording twice as the first on-site version was corrupted due to my lousy microphone connection. The next instance was conducted via Skype and it worked pretty well. Here’s the […]

Synopsis: There is a large and growing range of HR Technology solutions available across the Asia market, from core HR management systems through to a vast array of talent tech.

With government support supporting the adoption of these technologies to drive up productivity and an ever-increasing need for businesses to have effective software while they run remotely through the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to review the HR tools available in the market to ensure you have the right selection in place for your business.

Our panel of experts will discuss which are the most needed tools for businesses of today and the questions to ask yourself to identify which of those available in the market would best suit your business and help to support you through this time.

Date:May 6, 2020
Time:02:00-03:00 p.m.
Event:Webinar: HR Technology in the market and what it can do for your business now
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7 Important Ways that Modern Tech is Simplifying HR

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the world of Human Resources (HR), streamlining several key processes and areas. The HR Federation’s latest HCM Trends Report noted that global HR technology venture capital topped $3.1 billion in 2019 – more than 3 times the amount that was invested in HR tech in 2017. Below, I’ve identified […]

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a hugely disruptive impact on businesses throughout the world. All major economic indicators are showing a downturn, and companies are struggling to maintain essential services. It is arguably the gravest situation we have encountered as a species since the Second World War.

In a crisis, people need effective leadership. This presents a major opportunity for HR professionals; in the context of the pandemic, who else is better placed to show leadership and help their business and employees to steer the most effective path through these turbulent waters? But experience shows that often the HR team is not equipped to play a leading role in troubled times, and it is often left to other functions. Why is that?

At this first HR Leaders Roundtable seminar, run jointly by Indorse and PeopleStrong, we will explore useful tools we deploy during these disruptive times to increase our teams’ productivity, motivation, and feeling of belonging.

The Webinar will be facilitated by Adrian Tan a seasoned practitioner and one of the leading experts in the HR Tech arena in Singapore and South East Asia. During the Webinar we will explore:

  • What are the main problems facing businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What kind of solutions are businesses putting in place to mitigate these?
  • What can the HR function do to provide effective leadership at this time?
  • What tools can we deploy to steer productivity and motivation while our teams work from home?
  • How can businesses ensure effective communication and raise levels of engagement?

This will be an opportunity both to learn some useful tips from the facilitator but also to learn from peers in other companies and industries, share experience and join a growing network.

Date:April 28, 2020
Time:02:00-03:30 p.m.
Event:Webinar: Role of HR in supporting businesses through disruption
Topic:Role of HR in supporting businesses through disruption
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46% will increase investments in technology to improve workforce agility

Randstad Singapore’s survey highlights the gaps companies faced during COVID-19

40% of respondents are fully-equipped to support remote working 14% expect to offer remote working as an employee benefit in the future after seeing positive results Local companies are taking short-term measures to protect their workforce and mitigate losses 23 APRIL 2020, SINGAPORE – In a pulse survey conducted by Randstad Singapore, 46 per cent […]

3 New Alt Performance Features in 2020

In case you missed the memo, PeopleStrong officially has a performance management platform. Originally known as Qilo, it was acquired 6 months ago and has since been rebranded into Alt Performance. Started as a tool to measure Objectives and Key Results (OKR), the acquisition will see Alt Performance becoming a wider performance management platform as […]

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, & the same applies to organisations & employees alike. In this age of pay cuts and “lean” everything, employers need to remember that employees are their biggest contributing factor for success or failure in the drive to do more with less.

“It’s the employees who are dealing directly with customers and wrestling with business challenges who are best equipped to generate the next game-changing concept,” say the authors of “Optimizing Human Capital Assets in Tough Times.” “Recognition can be an important catalyst to motivates employees.

Xoxoday is coming up with a webinar on “Appreciation matters most in crisis situations” and Ms Taniya Tikoo Editor-in-Chief ObserveNow will talk to Mr Adrian Tan Practice Leader PeopleStrong Singapore & Ms Taruna Lohmror VP HR & Admin Xoxoday to discuss the same powered by ObserveNow.

Speakers :

  • Taniya Tikoo Editor-in-Chief ObserveNow
  • Mr Adrian Tan Practice Leader PeopleStrong Singapore
  • Ms Taruna Lohmror VP HR & Admin Xoxoday
Date:April 14, 2020
Time:06:30-07:30 p.m.
Event:(Webinar) Appreciation Matters Most In Crisis Situations
Topic:Appreciation Matters Most In Crisis Situations
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Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2020

The 4th version of Singapore HR Tech Market Map is finally ready. For those who are new, I started this back in 2017 when I came across something similar from CBInsights. Attempts to find an Asian and Singapore version ended up in failure. So I did what any crazy person would do, I map out […]

7 Ways SMBs Can Leverage HR Technology at Full Scale

Do you wish to automate and optimize your business tasks and activities? Investing in HR tech can be an ideal option.  Many SMBs are already HR technology as it brings cost reduction, flexibility, and scalability to business. It also saves time and gives businesses a competitive edge.  A study points out that 75% of talent […]

Doing Our Bit in Times of COVID-19

We are witnessing the most unprecedented times of our lives as together we face the #COVID19 pandemic.

At such a time, we at PeopleStrong are committed to helping companies minimize productivity loss and manage tasks & deliveries even remotely.

In an effort to do our bit in these challenging times, we are making our highly acclaimed and widely used product #Zippi free to use for everyone! It offers:

– #SecureCollaboration
– #TaskManagement
– #AI powered chatbot

There are no strings attached. Just use it and hopefully, it’ll aid you to turn over a new stone in the way we work. Because we believe, #PeopleCare is Good Business.

#StayHappy! #StaySafe!

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