7 Ways SMBs Can Leverage HR Technology at Full Scale

Do you wish to automate and optimize your business tasks and activities? Investing in HR tech can be an ideal option.  Many SMBs are already HR technology as it brings cost reduction, flexibility, and scalability to business. It also saves time and gives businesses a competitive edge.  A study points out that 75% of talent […]

Doing Our Bit in Times of COVID-19

We are witnessing the most unprecedented times of our lives as together we face the #COVID19 pandemic.

At such a time, we at PeopleStrong are committed to helping companies minimize productivity loss and manage tasks & deliveries even remotely.

In an effort to do our bit in these challenging times, we are making our highly acclaimed and widely used product #Zippi free to use for everyone! It offers:

– #SecureCollaboration
– #TaskManagement
– #AI powered chatbot

There are no strings attached. Just use it and hopefully, it’ll aid you to turn over a new stone in the way we work. Because we believe, #PeopleCare is Good Business.

#StayHappy! #StaySafe!

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8 Zippi Features To Increase Your Company’s Engagement and Collaboration

As companies grow, communication and collaborations can be a real challenge. You have people on different floors, different sites and for some of you, different time zones. Even if you are working in a one-person department, you would still need to communicate with someone from other departments. It could be to manage a project, to […]

10 Alt Worklife Features to Maximise Your Employee Productivity

HR tech platforms are not one that you would typically associate with being ‘consumer grade’. What does consumer grade mean? In the world of user experience, consumer grade means that you are creating a design with the intent that someone with little-to-no training can encounter your product and know how to interact with it. It […]

HR in the New Blended Workforce: Bots & Humans

Technology has become an integral part of modern human life in the 21st century. However, just because we have already welcomed technology into many aspects of our lives, it doesn’t mean that we have achieved everything possible. There are still many aspects of life in which technological innovation continues to add value. Human Resources is […]

Providing customised learning for hundreds of clients to life capability and culture globally

Interview with James McCulloch, CEO at Inspire Group Asia

My first interaction with e-learning happened in 2012. I was still running a recruitment business and the intent is to keep the recruiters sharp and let them level up themselves. Given that I only know so much, I acquired an e-learning course. Mobile learning wasn’t prevalent then and we only have one user license. Hence […]

“CNA938 Money Mind – How Businesses Could Deal With The Coronavirus”
by CNA938

Money Mind

I spoke with Stanley Leong and Chew Wui Lynn to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus has on businesses, the solutions companies could look at and policies they could adopt during these trying times.

What you missed at #Workfest 2020

A #newcodeofwork event by PeopleStrong & Wheebox

What do an awesome venue, great audience, delicious food make? An unbelievable event in the form of #Workfest2020. And it doesn’t stop there. There were product launches, major updates and interaction zones for guests to not just see but feel. The mix of business chatters and non-stop activity drove the energy in the ballroom through […]

Don’t lead millennials, let them lead you

In our time societal change is so rapid that the old are holding back and the young are rushing forward. As a result, we are too far apart to hear and understand each other. Our generations have become disjointed. The post-WWII generation was dubbed “Baby boomers” as a name for the changes society underwent at […]