TechHR Startup Program 2020 in Singapore: What’s in store for HR Tech Startups?

From one2ones with key investors to exhibiting the products to more than 3,000 talent and business leaders, People Matters TechHR Startup Program 2020 holds many opportunities for HR and Work Tech Startups from across the globe to fast track their way to the next funding round or more success.

The 21st edition of the Sierra Cedar 2018-19 HR Systems Survey reveals that over 70 per cent of organizations in the Asia Pacific are looking to increase their HR technology spending.

Though currently, Asia-Pacific organizations are 20 per cent lower in their overall usage of HR applications than their counterparts in North America or EMEA, it expects to make rapid strides as there are double-digit increases in the adoption of all HR Technology categories over the last three years here.

This increased demand for HR and work tech solutions presents an immense opportunity for HR and work Tech companies.

Capability Circles is designed with the aim to further enhance and strengthen the organisational capabilities of Social Service Agencies through the sharing of best practices, within and outside of the sector.

Keeping this in mind, the National Council of Social Service has selected for the launch, the theme of Building Capability in the Digital Age.

Through the showcase of technology and innovations, as well as deep conversations on practices, this launch event sets the stage for the Circles as a platform for networking, peer support, and learning.

Date:January 20, 2020
Time:01:30-05:30 p.m.
Event:Launch of NCSS Capability Circles
Topic:Building Capability in the Digital Age

“Leveling Up Your Talent Development & Experience Program”
by Smartup

Named one of the top 60 influencers in HRTech globally, Adrian is the go-to guy if you want to know the latest and newest in HRTech. In this episode, he shares how corporates can improve and level up their employee development programs. He also talks about how the face of corporate learning has changed and how we should adjust our approach towards it.

“Lunar New Year resignation trend: Are companies prepared for CNY ‘walk-outs’?”
by MONEY FM 89.3

Career 360

In Career 360, Howie Lim and Bernard Lim speak to Adrian Tan, Practice Leader, Future of Work Tech at PeopleStrong about whether companies are ready for the upcoming onslaught of employees getting their year-end bonus, banking it and resigning, especially during the Lunar New Year period.

Why attend People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020?

From content to experience, here are five reasons why you should join us at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020.

HR is looking for new ideas, new technology innovation and new ways to solve business problems – and they want to build skills and capabilities, so they can deliver tremendous value to their business leveraging the power of digital.

All of that, with a unique & immersive experience, the People Matters way!

Here is why you should be there:

1) The Content


People Matters TechHR is designed to enable attendees to maximise new value from digital & technology transformation in the people function – gaining exposure to other’s experiences, listening to world-class experts, learning by doing in hands-on-masterclasses, getting exposed to new products and start-ups and getting inspired to accelerate one’s own growth & build new capabilities. 

Within the next ten years, it’s estimated that over half of the world’s office-based jobs will be disrupted or displaced by technology.

It’s going to affect HR departments and workforce management in a big way – so you need to make sure you keep up with the changes.

Unite with other HR leaders at HR Tech Summit to get the latest insights and best practices from the leading experts.

Join us to:

  • Learn implementation best-practice from other organisations’ journeys
  • Use data effectively to inform strategic business decisions
  • Secure buy-in from internal stakeholders and senior management
  • Get ahead with insights on what’s coming in new technologies
  • Identify the best HR technology solution for your company needs and budget
Date:April 20, 2020
Event:HRD HR Tech Summit 2020
Registration:Click here to register.

SHRI is pleased to co-organise the HR Outlook 2020 with Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) through an engaging, thought-provoking and interactive platform!

HR Outlook 2020 will bring together a community of business leaders, HR decision-makers and industry leaders to discuss the current global economic issues that impact businesses and the world of work, workforce and workplace. You will have an opportunity to hear from experts on how they addressed these issues and how they keep up with emerging trends, giving you the insight and learnings you need to embrace transformation as you head towards industry 4.0.

Date:February 13, 2020
Event:SHRI HR Outlook 2020
Registration:Click here to register.

Gamified Employee Engagement

Interview with Lam Mun Choong, Founder & CEO at SelfDrvn

Recently I made the reluctant decision to buy a Nintendo Switch for my kids.

They never had a console before and I’m afraid they would spend the whole day on gaming and nothing else.

But some relief sinks in when I got to see three of them playing co-op in Mario.

They were helping and learning from each other at the same time. They were engaged.

Which reminded me of the 2014 study by the American Psychological Association in which they concluded that video game play may provide learning, health and social benefits.

How Technology Can Streamline Human Resources

Managing human relations in a company is a big task.

In fact, employees who oversee these aspects of a company are managing a lot, like hiring, on-boarding, training, employee benefits, company culture and setting goals.

With so much to manage it might be hard to keep everything updated and in the right order. Thankfully, there are applications that can digitize this department to make it more effective.


The Hiring Process

The hiring process can be lengthy.

First, resumes are gathered, usually via an online portal.

PeopleStrong acquires Qilo to offer OKR management

India – 23 Dec 2019PeopleStrong, the leading Work and HR tech company in Asia, announced the acquisition of Qilo, a SaaS performance management product that enables businesses to create a high-performance culture by aligning and measuring people-performance to business strategy.

With this acquisition, PeopleStrong’s already comprehensive HR Technology suite, which currently serves 300+ enterprises across Asia, through its Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, and Talent Management offering will get further strengthened.

Today over 800 thousand users from enterprises like Aditya Birla Capital, Singlife, True Corp, Amara raja group, Chola Finance, Future Group, and Vmart experiencing the new code of work with PeopleStrong.