😷 With the COVID-19 situation still hanging in the air, many companies that could implement some form of remote work have done so. But for many people, working from home can be extremely challenging. For some, you may not have a work table at home. Work means at your dining table or even on your bed. For others, you may be like me with kids at home and that can be distracting. Whichever your situation is, there are ways to make it work. But it calls for changes to how you work.

📚Learn the strategies for staying Productive and Mentally Healthy while you’re working from home.

Date:April 24, 2020
Time:03:00-04:30 p.m.
Event:(Webinar) How to be Productive When You Work from Home
Topic:How to be Productive When You Work from Home
Sponsor: ARIVA Academy Philippines Inc
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