In the age of technological disruption, businesses are starting to look for a tech-first approach in selecting and hiring top talent. However, hiring the right tech talent is a resource-intensive process and a mismatch may even cost you more.

How can employers expand their tech team(s) quickly, sustainably, and at a lower cost?

We’d like to invite you to the Tech Recruitment Redefined event, where we’ll introduce a smarter hiring method that can:

1. Ensure an accurate skill-based evaluation of committed candidates for particular tech positions, through an assessment customised to address the business’ real-world challenges;

2. Allow candidates to shine by demonstrating their skills, giving recruiters an insight into how they work; and

3. Help employers save critical time and resources while making better hiring decisions.

We will share a case study of a leading tech company in Southeast Asia that successfully shortlisted 50 Data & AI professionals in eight weeks to quickly expand their team.

We will demonstrate a tech recruitment platform will host a database of candidates and a pool of recruitment customised technical challenges from enterprises. As candidates makes submissions to these challenges, the platform will provide detailed one-on-one evaluations of their technical capabilities along with a customised report on each aspect of the candidates’ approach.

Programme Highlights

  • Welcome addressTech Hiring: A Corporate Perspective – Constanza Linares, HRBP Manager Unilever
  • Tech Talent Landscape – Dawn Toh, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Employee Experience Expert, Circles.Life
  • Ira Fernando: A Winner’s Story
  • Use Case Presentation
  • Live Demonstration
  • Networking & drinks

Join us to learn how this method can help you fulfil your tech hiring needs!

Date:November 20, 2019
Event:Tech Recruitment Redefined: A Use Case Presentation
Registration:Click here to register.

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