ePFile vs. Opentext: Employee document management options for SAP SuccessFactors

You have read about document digitisation. You love the concept, and now you want to move on to choose a product that illustrates the tremendous benefits deliberately. 

All the pressure is on you as the head of HR. Making the best decision is your criteria. One wrong move will affect the whole management. 

It’s more than what one product can offer; it’s about how one product caters to the needs of all. Besides, it will be cost-effective. 

If you’re aiming to digitise your organisation and embark on a paperless journey, this article is for you. 

Battle of the two: ePFile vs. OpenText

Following the hassle of installing additional software on-premise software, ePFile was developed as an add-on that is compatible with SAP SuccessFactors to cater to such a problem. As a plug-and-play solution, ePFile eliminates the need for expensive installation and maintenance fees in a consolidated filing system. 

ePFile enhances SF users’ experience as an add-on. It’s like using the Grammarly extension in Google Docs to keep your grammar in check without going back and forth on their website. 

Why do HR professionals prefer ePFile among other ranges of DMS in the market? 

ePFile vs. OpenText At A Glance 

Integration with SAP SuccessFactorsSeamless integration with SAP SF as it is an extension specifically built to aid SF users’ experience.A full-fledged DMS integrates well with SAP SuccessFactors
Cloud DeploymentTrack and manages documents in the SAP cloud system.All documents are stored in the cloud outside of SAP SuccessFactors
System ImplementationAny SF Partner with EC capabilities can sell and implement – all configuration screens are similar to those in the EC module, so no additional training is required for EC consultants to implement ePFileDependency on separate OpenText consultant team for implementation
Sales CycleShorter as digital personnel files is a requirement that many HR teams need to manage, which means ePFile can be bundled together with SFLonger as there is dependency on separate OpenText team to run sales cycle in parallel with SuccessFactors sales cycle, as OpenText is an enterprise-wide full-fledged DMS solution.
PriceLower in cost. Free implementation charge.Costly and needs regular updates.
SecurityEmploying Single-sign-on (SSO) of SAP SuccessFactors to avoid duplicationImmediate and secure access to crucial HR documents and information

ePFile: A Game Changer in Paperless Management 

Although relatively new in the document digitisation industry, ePFile was configured with impactful elements that can be found in most well-established software. 

With efficiency in mind, management finds themselves able to afford luxury at a lower cost. No on-premise implementation is needed; no need to read an extensive technical menu or put out extra expenditures to hire an IT technician to aid the process. 

That is why it is a game changer. 

The Centralised Repository 

USP of ePFile 

Due to being built as an extension for SAP SuccessFactors, users of SF can have a centralised repository that helps manage employee documents in one place without the need to implement extra software. 

USP of OpenText 

Paper records can be scanned and uploaded to a secure cloud storage system so that employees can access their files from any device, anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Feature-wise comparison 

Document Management and StorageePFile equip with a central repository for employee documents. SuccessFactors users can track, access, and search digital files.To streamline communication, all employee files are centrally stored and accessible in one place. OpenText manages employee documentation by personalising employee communication with SAP-integrated employee data and validating employee data for compliance.
Document GenerationePFile extends SAP SuccessFactors for document creation and editing. Authorised users can quickly approve and reject documents without affecting productivity.Pre-built document templates are embedded for document generation to enhance employee engagement and HR correspondence.
VisibilityA comprehensive workforce view. It speeds up finding and accessing documents for employees and managers.360-degree view of the employees
Maintenance costNo maintenance fees are required.Requisite for regular updates and maintenance.
CostThis solution has the lowest cost as a SuccessFactors extension that manages employee documents without a DMS.OpenText is expensive due to implementation time and the services provided.
SecuritySingle sign-on (SSO) reduces security risks in document replication and access control. Using the SF API to access documents and SuccessFactors’ role-based permission securely reduces duplicate records and permission duplication.Centrally defined access privileges for security and privacy regulations. Providing HR and employees with a single login for multiple systems. Role-based permissions govern access to digitised content. The existing security framework ensures SuccessFactors access. Any change in employment status is reflected instantly, preventing document access.
Workspace CollaborationMultiple HR records can be viewed, deleted, added, updated, and searched for in one centralised location.Offer HR Shared Services access from anywhere, allowing employees to efficiently upload, retrieve, and address personnel records.

ePFile vs. OpenText: A Takeaway

OpenText and ePFile are excellent options for managing documents and communicating with staff members. The unique selling proposition (USP) of ePFile is that it extends the robust capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors by providing an integrated, fully-functional, and streamlined document digitisation solution. OpenText is a more expensive option because it is a fully functional system with a wide range of features.

Disclaimer: This article compares OpenText and ePFile based on our research and public information. The views are the author’s own and not professional or legal advice. We try to be accurate and reliable, but we don’t guarantee the information is complete, correct, current, suitable, or available. Do your own research before buying anything. We don’t endorse or criticize any products by mentioning their features, specifications, or performance. We are not liable for any damages from using or relying on this information. This article may use trademarks, copyrights, or patents for illustration only. They belong to their owners and we don’t claim any affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship. You are responsible for your decisions and actions based on this information. You agree to release us from any claims or damages related to this article.

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