EP115: Chris Tran on going hardcore to get his dream job

Chris Tran has lived a lucky life filled with adventure and achievements. He survived the Nepal earthquake in 2015 after being “dead” for four days. He has lived abroad in Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand for over 18 years.

Chris has launched some of the hottest video games in Southeast Asia, organized and hosted gigantic esports events, built the first esports stadium in Southeast Asia, and founded and managed multiple leading digital advertising agencies in Vietnam.

Now, Chris is embarking on a new journey as a life coach. Coaching is an advantage not yet become widely available in his part of the world. Chris is eager to share his experiences and help others find their purpose and grow to fulfil their potential.

He wants to help people become better business people, get raises and promotions, develop their confidence, and thrive in relationship-based organizations.

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