Enabling employee collaboration, empowerment and motivation with Xoxoday Empuls

Employees are the biggest brand ambassadors and organizations are realizing that the same focused attention aimed at developing customer relations should be given to their workforces.

Businesses which put their employees’ concerns first, consistently see that it ultimately leads to better customer service.

The overall set of employee perceptions in the entire employee lifecycle starting from hiring, onboarding, training, communication, recognition, reviews to exit builds an employee experience.

Xoxoday’s Empuls platform provides an agile, continuous and data-driven approach to listen and improve the employee experience.

Xoxoday’s Empuls is built around the key features of Collaboration, Empowerment and Motivation that enables organisations to build high performing teams of happy and engaged employees.

Employee Collaboration

Empuls enables building collaborative company culture with rich features like feeds, announcements, groups, chats, notifications and more.

Xoxoday Empuls platform enables employee engagement through transparent communication and helps build a collaborative organisation culture.

Good teamwork starts with good team communication and collaboration.

It allows all team’s discussions to be organized and easily accessible in a single place.

Teams can use this as a hub to discuss day to day, ideas, share updates, and create organizational knowledge – anytime, anywhere.

Empuls helps the organisation by:

  • Providing a centralised platform to discuss and do everything related to onboarding, policies, team budgets, rewards, recognition, surveys, learning, performance reviews, and more from one place.
  • Eliminating silos and enable collaboration by sharing information with ease and transparency across the organization thereby aligning employees to organisation goals.
  • Organising important data, understand the context and reuse organizational knowledge, with the search feature, that is shared in the repository over a period.

Employee Empowerment

Quantitative & actionable feedback on problems is hard to measure and diagnose.

Empuls empowers the organisation and its employees to build a culture of transparent, honest and continuous feedback for success with features like pulse surveys, polls, anonymous feedback, action planning and more.

Xoxoday Empuls helps in breaking barriers that can hinder people from giving constructive feedback, supporting leaders to understand the levers of organizational culture.

Providing in-depth insights to every manager with real-time engagement data about their team via regular employee surveys, continuous feedback and transparent budgets enables them to focus on building high-performance teams. It enables the leaders/managers/HR department to:

  • Keep a finger on the pulse and discover pain points before they become problems by using the collaboration capabilities of the tool to distribute the surveys, track fill rates and gamify the feedback giving process.
  • Provide actionable data insights on problems which are hard to diagnose. Uncover crucial relationships between performance, productivity and engagement and create an ideal employee experience.
  • Easily administer initiatives through ready to use survey templates that are designed through research by psychologists, behavioural and employee engagement experts, to connect with their employees quickly providing effective results.

Employee Motivation

Empuls helps to build a culture of appreciation with elements like rewards & recognition, gamified milestones, greetings, celebrations and more.

Organisations can create a culture of appreciation, celebrate small wins and acknowledge good work behaviour through Empuls’s many features that let employees appreciate peers, build seamless awarding workflows, share greetings and badges and gamify these achievements on a leader board.

Empuls helps in building a motivated workforce by:

  • Helping Employees Reward & Recognise by making recognition more impactful by connecting it to the company’s core values and giving social visibility to everyone’s contributions.
  • Enabling Seamless integration and implementation of complicated nomination and approval workflows that are tailored to the company’s RnR program.
  • Automation and personalisation of all rewarding, greeting and gifting workflows that ensures timely appreciation of employees.

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