Future of Work

Effective Selling in the New Digital Economy

This webinar will focus on sharing how to sell more effectively through digital channels, as we navigate the new remote economy with increased familiarity over the past few months.

As companies get used to doing business through remote means, we will touch on gaining first mover advantage to achieve increased sales conversions through relevant techniques and tools to not only replicate physical sales interactions and touchpoints effectively, but create even more value and convenience to leads and prospects. 

Learn how to stand out and sell more effectively through video sales meetings, virtual business card exchanges, virtual tradeshows, webinars and more.

Join Sansan Global’s Customer Success Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, and PeopleStrong‘s Practice Leader – Future of Work Tech and renowned tech blogger Adrian Tan for a 60-minute webinar where they’ll share how sales and marketing professionals can elevate themselves above the digital crowd, and sell effectively in the new work norm.

In this Webinar, you will also learn: 

  • How the trends of selling have evolved from pre-COVID-19 at the start of 2020 to the new norm now
  • The importance of standing out from the rest of the digital sales crowd, and how to do so
  • Real-world case studies of individuals and companies that have during this period
  • Techniques and tools that YOU can use to sell more effectively

Wednesday, 26th August | 10:30 AM SGT | 60 minutes

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