Debunking Myths: Working From Home Is Less Productive Than Working From Office

DISCLAIMER: Your boss probably wouldn’t recommend reading this.

Amidst the constant roti prata flip between WFO and WFH, employers are frustrated: most are found to prefer seeing their employees back in the office.

Why is this so?

They simply believe it is more productive than slothing around in the comforts of a home.

But I’m here to tell you that this might not be the case.

Perhaps, you could even send your boss an image of yourself (much like the one below) to prove that you are working hard at home because you ARE! 

Recently, the team behind EverDesk+ and ErgoTune conducted a series of Instagram polls and surveys to debunk the myths of one being less productive while working at home.

According to the results, this is not true! Despite everyone having their own working preferences, it is definitely possible to be a comfortable sloth and be productive at the same time.

Work From Home – More Productive?

Out of the total 171 survey respondents, 65% of them thought that WFH is in fact a more productive arrangement than WFO.

The main reasons cited were: fewer Distractions, Flexibility and Comfort.

More than half of the responses revolved around comfort, claiming that working from home helps to save time, boost productivity while working in the comfort of their homes.

So how can one be completely comfortable working at home?

The answer – a proper workstation.

In fact, there are responses suggesting they’d rather work in the office than work from home as they do not have a proper desk setup at home.

What’s Up With Your Setup?

Ideally, using ergonomic furniture would be the best for your workstation.

A good setup can really make a difference with the number of hours you clock at your desk.

The survey results have suggested that with ergonomic furniture, one is able to stay more focused and productive in a conducive working environment with better posture – be it standing or sitting.

Respondents have also noticed other health benefits after the use of ergonomic furniture, citing “much stronger spine hands down!” and “comfortability”.

With furniture such as ErgoTune’s ergonomic chair and the EverDesk+ adjustable standing desk, users are able to work in maximum comfort in an ergonomic workspace, switching between standing and sitting positions with healthy intervals.  

Is Hybrid Work Here For Good?

To be honest, nobody can be sure of it. However, hybrid work has been proven to be a feasible arrangement in the long run.

Out of the total 198 respondents, 86% believe that the hybrid work arrangement is possibly here to stay.

This would mean that having a conducive and comfortable working environment is all the more needed for those working in a hybrid work arrangement. 

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