CV of Failures

Most of the things I try fail, but these failures are often hard to see, while the things that work are easy to see. I’ve noticed that this makes some people think that most things go well for me.

Because of this, they are more likely to blame themselves for their failures instead of the fact that the world is random and many things are out of our hands.

This CV of Failures attempts to show the other side of the story and give some context.

Because it was written from memory, this CV isn’t complete. Since many of them aren’t pleasant, to begin with, my mind may have pushed them out of sight.

If yours is shorter than mine, you likely remember things better than me or are more willing to try new things.

Even though each carries a painful outcome, lessons are learned, and experience gained.

Just like the soreness one will incur the next day after the gym, it is growing the mental muscles to prepare you for what’s next.

On a side note, this exercise also helped me to realize the distance I’ve covered despite what many would deem as setbacks.

If you are in any setbacks today, know that it isn’t the end game, and things will turn out fine.

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