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My HR Tech market map came about quite accidentally.

I remember receiving an email from CBInsights which shows a map of HR Techs categorised by functions. That intrigued me and led me to research for a more Asian or local equivalent.

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be found and I did the next best thing – I created my own map.

The thing about the map is that it is a static document.

I couldn’t update it on the fly and every update requires massive overhaul as I source for designers, get the logos of the new HR techs and their respective write-ups.

It dawned on me one day that wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just turn a page on my website into a ProductHunt-ish listing.

Before I could take any action on it, CrimsonLogic beats me to it.


CrimsonLogic who?

CrimsonLogic has been around for more than 30 years and they work primarily with governments around the world, supporting their requirements in Trade Facilitation, eJudiciary and Digital Government.

One of the HR solutions they launched back in 2004 is Provident & Tax (PAT) – an online service developed for the Singapore Government, enabling prompt and easy submission of tax contributions and employee salary data.

As a value-add to their 2,000 customers of PAT, the Human Resource Search Services was recently launched to provide a one-stop platform for all HR Tech solutions.


Human Resource Search Services

Visitors can compare the offerings, prices and request a quote from selected partners all through a single platform.

Rather than spending a significant amount of time navigating multiple websites and engaging various vendors one at a time, HRSS gathers a wide suite of HR products/services all in one place to equip HR professionals with the requisite market knowledge to make better choices for their organization.

Started on March 2018, the list of partners is currently at 23 and growing. And the service is entirely complimentary for all HR professionals.

For HR Techs partners, there is a listing fee of $15 per month but it would be free for the first four months. A no-brainer to just be on board over that period and access if it is worth paying the full fees thereafter.

Check out CrimsonLogic HRSS at

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