Have great content but not reaching your target audience? Here is how to solve that.

For those of you who are following my blog, you would have noticed a lot of new stuffs I put up. I am constantly experimenting with new wordpress plugins or methods to optimize my blog. And the whole reason is really to do more with less.

I started blogging many years ago but stopped for quite a while. The whole blogging platform just became too much of a trouble and getting things to look the way you want it to usually takes more time than writing the blog posting itself.

When I decided to blog again, I make sure it would be a breeze.

The new WordPress ecosystem is also significantly different, making life easier for bloggers.

But because it became so easy, getting the traffic to your site became much harder as the number of blogs increased. Beside good content, getting the word out is equally important. And one channel you can’t ignore is social media

Simply overwhelming

Social media is another beast in itself. Trying to stand out from it is like trying to keep afloat in a pool overcrowded with people. There had to be a better and easier way to do this without devoting hours of my time.

And that is when I saw the CoSchedule review by Michael Hyatt.

CoSchedule-CalendarSo now when I have a new post, I could schedule it across all my social media channels and groups. And it is done one after another so it doesn’t just spam the reader and turn them off. You can set the schedule as and when you want.


There will be analytics to tell you which of your posts are doing well and where are you getting the traffic from. This will help you to plan your future outreach better.

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Beyond just blog postings, you can also use it to schedule status updates and events. This is important as social media streams are unlike reading the news. You need to make sure there are sufficient repetitions so that you can cover as much audience as possible.

Plus different media would require different frequencies. You can probably tweet the same thing every day but do that on Facebook and you would be seemed as spamming. CoSchedule can help you to take care of all that by allow different frequencies for different platforms.

I can’t imagine how I can live without CoSchedule. It helps me to focus what I do best and it will do the rest to bring traffic to my blog. One thing I hope it could do it automatically optimize and schedule my posts based on what it knows best. That will save even more time for me.

CoSchedule is a must-have for any companies that have their own blog and is using that to generate traffic and improve their employee branding. Time save on outreach could mean more time to generate quality content.

I highly recommend you to give it a try. And it comes with a free trial for 14 days. It’s easy and I’m certain you are going to love it.

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