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Convo Announces H&M Deployment of its Retail Social Collaboration Platform

“With a geographically dispersed workforce that is 80% mobile, it’s crucial for us to connect in one place,” said Luca Michelangeli, Marketing Manager for H&M USA of H&M. “Convo provides a simple way to do that: its UI and real-time feed are very familiar and similar to other commonly used social platforms. When we rolled this out to our employees, they knew how to use it immediately.”

“We are thrilled that H&M selected Convo as a strategic solution to connect employees with each other and the brand,” said Osman Rashid, CEO of Convo. “As one of the world’s largest retailers, H&M has always blazed a trail in delighting customers and maintaining a strong brand affinity with employees. We’re honored to play a role in supporting their ongoing commitment to employee engagement and their leadership in creating frontline brand ambassadors that deliver the best customer experience possible.”

H&M chose Convo because it gave them robust functionality of task management and chat apps in one place, while negating the need for non-desk employees – a large majority of H&M’s workforce – to have a corporate email.

The all-in-one solution simplified employee onboarding and use, since there is one platform, and no need to switch between apps. H&M also liked that Convo went beyond conversations to enable in-depth discussions, with context-aware threads and visual feedback, and that it’s easily accessible to all employees, regardless of device.


A Simple Tool for Employee Engagement

Convo is easy to use and accessible to everyone within a retailer’s organization.The platform works across the web, desktop and mobile, and is well-suited for small groups, distributed teams and corporate at-large. Retailers can use it in place of email to streamline, simplify and improve communications between desktop workers and those who work primarily via smartphone.

Teams are able to use posts and comments to communicate and iterate on everything from store updates, including styles per store and seasonal sales, to store interior designs, merchandise displays, and ideas for customer-first competitions, while Corporate can use Convo to poll employees, launch campaigns, recognize top performers and provide updates on employee benefits.

Enabling effective, two-way communication and collaboration is critical in retail environments, where store associates are largely young workers who grew up on social media, operate on instant information and rely on their mobile phones.

They expect employers to provide them with tools that they know how to use to stay up-to-date, share information and engage with co-workers, so they in turn can be effective, inspired brand ambassadors.

A recent Customer Experience Tipping Point study showed the top factor for repeat business and loyalty is a customer’s satisfaction with their personal experience of a brand.

According to a Gallup survey, improving employee engagement not only improves productivity by 22%, but it produces longer-term benefits for employees and customers.

Companies that have highly engaged employees have double the rate of success over lower engaged organizations.


About Convo

Convo unifies the workforce. It uniquely combines the ease of social networks with rich collaboration capabilities to simplify and optimize work interactions for all employees – no email required.

By enabling easy, secure conversations between desk and non-desk workers, Convo accelerates company productivity and engagement. Based in Los Altos, CA, Convo is a privately-held company. For more information, visit

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