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Cigna Launches ‘Check In’ to Help People Take Control of Stress at a Critical Time

HONG KONG – July 14, 2020 – Cigna’s (NYSE:CI) International Markets business today announced the launch of ‘Check In’ – a new global initiative to support people with stress care as the world continues to deal with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Cigna’s latest research, carried out in June as part of the Cigna COVID-19 Global Impact Study which is tracking people’s health and well-being around the world throughout the pandemic, overall well-being declined slightly since the first wave of research in April.

In that initial report, participants reported a decline in financial and social well-being but a slight improvement in physical, family and work scores.

The latest research saw physical scores return to pre-COVID levels, while family and work scores continued to fall as the pandemic has continued.

These findings highlight that, despite efforts to connect with friends, family and colleagues at the beginning of the pandemic, it is critical for people’s health and well-being that we continue ‘Checking In’ on each other as we face new challenges as the pandemic evolves.

To support this, Cigna has created a range of tools, videos and other content featuring its clinical leaders as well as third party specialists including the financial journalist and BBC presenter, Paul Lewis, and Dr. Joyce Chao, a Hong Kong-based Clinical Psychologist.

Cigna’s Check In initiative seeks to help the world take control of stress. It includes a range of tools both for employers and individuals to help them manage teams, balance home/office working and protect well-being.

These include advice on how to cope with stress, how to support children and how to support colleagues.

All content is available for individuals by clicking here, or for employers by clicking here.

Jason Sadler, President, Cigna International Markets said, “We are now at a critical stage of the pandemic, as people try to understand how to best adapt to a changing world.

It is essential that we keep checking in with each other so we can support our friends, family and colleagues during this uncertainty.”

The need for the initiative is acutely demonstrated by the recent increase in people saying they no longer feel close to other people.

Reports showed this initially declined at the start of the pandemic but has now risen, with nearly a third of people (31%) now saying they feel disconnected, up from 27% in April.

We also saw worries about finances increase – with 35% now saying they felt stressed about money, compared to 31% in April.

Dr. Dawn Soo, Head of Clinical and Wellness, Cigna International Markets added, “Our research shows that despite some improvements in well-being at the beginning of the crisis, levels of disconnection are now increasing.

We attribute this to ‘Zoom fatigue’ as regular calls decline and concerns increase. We know that stress is a major cause of physical and mental illness and therefore delivering tools to address this is a central part of our mission.”

We also see slight declines in physical health. Despite the reported increases in exercise in many markets at the beginning of the lockdowns, nearly half (47%) now say they aren’t getting enough exercise, compared to 44% in April.

In addition, growing worries seem to be causing more restless nights, with only 31% saying they were getting enough sleep, compared to 34% in April.

Mr. Sadler concluded, “These worrying declines demonstrate that we all need to focus our efforts and keep checking in.

We know that uncertainty creates stress, and human connections help reduce it. Therefore, by working together, we can ensure we emerge from this crisis healthier and more resilient.”

The Cigna COVID-19 Global Impact Study is an ongoing study that has been conducted by Cigna, in partnership with Kantar, between January and June 2020, and will continue for the remainder of the year.

To date, a total of 16,433 online interviews have been conducted across China, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.

The study was conducted using an online survey, with respondents recruited from online panels and undergo rigorous quality control.

Age, gender and residing city quotas were set based on the population proportion of respective markets.

The 20 to 25 minutes survey was completed anonymously.


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