Can You Become Successful if You Are Lazy or Procrastinating?

Do you think you are a lazy person but are quite capable of becoming rich?

Most of us were raised to work hard to achieve financial stability and advised to use our finances to invest smartly.

If our aim is not living in survival mode only. But the trends of our world are rapidly changing in tandem with our options to accumulate financial wealth.

Older generations today like to think of younger generations as being lazy, or lacking a strong sense of work ethic. 

I believe in our world of contradictions, laziness is inside of us all.

Even with a strong work ethic who doesn’t enjoy resting a bit, or taking regular breaks between a demanding workload?

We all need to refill our cups, so we can go on producing quality work.

The most successful people believe the key is how efficiently you work.

Thus, working a nine to five job in your entire life could be interpreted as laziness, since you never took a chance…

Is Being Lazy a Truly Negative Trait?  

Not always, depending on how we look at it. A highly effective person could be quite lazy, still earn a decent living with a few hours of work daily, or even less.

Our traits and characters already appear in early childhood interacting with our peers, and going to school.

If you think back, were you among the most eminent students in primary or secondary school?

Were you driven by being one of the best students, did you find it important to learn a lot? 

What were your learning habits like?

Did you take your time to gain widespread information, or did you prefer to grasp concepts quickly and efficiently?

How about your work ethic?

Do you prefer a safe employment status working for a company full-time, or you couldn’t see yourself working that way?

Chances are, you tried and it was useful to build a foundation for your career, but it had always felt foreign working for others…

man in black t-shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on tree branch

Because you know you can give more value through your business.

This mindset allows you to utilize your creative powers and truly get to know yourself and your limits since it’s the best challenge you could experience in life, and grow accordingly.

So being lazy is not a negative trait by all means. It inspires creativity, and to come up with optimal long-term solutions for everyone.

You find ways to cut down extra time and unimportant tasks. 

Investing Time and Effort 

Most businessmen rather invest more time and energy in the beginning stage of building their venture, so that they can take more time out later.

They have a plan for what best helps them achieve this. Such as automation processes, tasks delegation… to bring out the best from their lives, thinking about such ideas can highly motivate entrepreneurs.

We all have things we are lazy about. Have you been considering what yours is and how can you save time? 

Mine is cleaning, and it takes way too long to clean everything thoroughly for me. I know I could be a lot more efficient by delegating this task to a cleaner person, and I am willing to.

A great example of this is the modern meal vending machine in some large stores, airports, office buildings, hospitals.

We all know how tiring and time-consuming cooking can be. It can be truly challenging to find enough time for it, and many people feel lazy about it. 

Being Judgemental and Overly Critical 

A key ingredient of successful businesses is to focus on solving problems for many, like vending machines.

By adding a wide range of meals to this machine that can also heat food, it solves the cooking issue for many. 

Numerous great ideas are available if you observe the world with an open mind. You might as well create a business like that.

So you shouldn’t look at being lazy as a negative trait, avoid self-criticism, or judge others.

We all have unique strengths. 

And you could be both lazy in certain situations, while quite keen and aware in others.

There are always two sides to every story.

It is worth thinking about what happens when you feel excited about something and can quickly complete it, as opposed to feeling poorly about something you don’t feel you want to do.

What makes you complete tasks quickly, and slowly? Many times laziness is not the root cause of a problem, it is procrastination. 

Procrastinating versus Being Lazy 

Procrastination can cause greater distress and lower your self-worth.

Therefore, if you know you tend to procrastinate, you should identify, observe, and take notes of what causes these patterns.

If you overcome your procrastinating habits by practicing self-discipline, you might also realize you enjoy being lazy when you can afford it.

You will surely be proud of yourself, and it’s doable! You could also bring out the best of your laziness with great ideas!!

man sitting on mountain cliff facing white clouds rising one hand at golden hour

You don’t have to think negatively about yourself and your traits, it is so old school! Thinking about your lazy or procrastinating habits as some kind of deficiency, and you are only capable of that much only pushes your dreams further away!

If you think, how can I make the most of what I have? You can become truly successful. You could also identify what’s the common ground in your procrastinating habits?

Then pick your most annoying procrastination ever…

The Three Reasons Why You Procrastinate

Number One

When you work on a project so passionately as if your life depended on it, chances are, you want to achieve something very important, which gives you motivation and strength to go on.

You know you will complete the task, in the given time frame because of your inner belief.

The faster you work, the quicker time flies, and you find yourself completing the task in a flow state. Because you know your project is valuable and it empowers you. 

Number Two

Important to note, that you couldn’t complete the given task without believing you can!

We tend to underestimate this, only finding ourselves lost and unmotivated in the middle of a course for instance…

A good example is if you feel you would like to start a business, but you are unsure if you would succeed or worse, feeling you couldn’t do it.

This is a motivation killer! In this way you sabotage yourself in the very beginning, cutting your chances away entirely!

Number Three 

Having a plan that works and you trust in it.

You could see your vision and believe in it, but without a written plan, you won’t have high chances to pull it off.

Most people procrastinate when facing a big, new, or important task.

And you are unsure of how you could complete them.

You are unsure of yourself because you don’t believe you can, or you are afraid of failing. Or, you don’t have a good plan that makes you unable to see the outcome. 

Helpful questions you could ask yourself: What is my aim in achieving your goal? Can I imagine myself doing it long-term? If needed, can someone help? Have I started writing a plan?

Russell Ridgeway

This is a guest post by Russell Ridgeway. He is an American writer based in Budapest, Hungary. He writes in business, tech, and fashion as well as creative fiction.

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